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Where God Meets Me {the playlist we have on repeat}

For years, whenever I've been in a funk, discouraged, or stuck in my head believing lies— God has continually used music—full of truth—to meet me where I am and redirect my heart.

It's funny, there have been times my heels have been dug in hard, and there's nothing in me that want's to trust the Lord or look to Him— and its like wa-baam. I hear a song, truth is sung over me—and I straight up can't avoid His kind, gentle draw back to Himself.  It happens all. the. time.

I re-remember The Gospel I've forgotten, and that Jesus is near and is good. 

EVEN if it doesn't always seem like it in that moment—somehow when I hear truth, I start believing truth—and slowly start trusting Jesus in whatever junk I'm in.

Worship take my eyes of me and puts them on Jesus—and it changes everything. 

So when the walls of our house feel like they're caving in, I'm getting stuck in my head over something, and the kids (and I) are getting bratty—we crank that music on, truth is sung over us, and I swear our home is different. 

So below, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. The songs that my family are probably sick of me playing—but songs The Lord has so met me in lately.

I hope they are so encouraging to you where you are!

11 Grace-Filled Tips for the Goal-a-Phobic

If you haven't set any goals this year (or are rolling your eyes at the thought of it), I totally get it.

For years, all the New Year's turning-over-a-new-leaf and be better, try harddo all the things talk made my throat close up a little bit.

All of us with the big ideas and low follow-through (raise your hand type Bs) KNOW 3 weeks into January, we're going to start falling off the wagon and wish we'd never made the dumb "resolution" in the first place.

So instead, We. Do. Nothing. Just keep on keep'n on. May try a few new things here or there, but nothing too crazy. Because we haaaate feeling like a failure. (everyone does)

Until recently, that was ME every year. But thank GOD, through lots of wise men and women, I'm learning HOW to be intentional with my time and energy, and that I sure as heck don't want my fear of failure keeping me from growth and some purpose God's got for me (Ephesians 2:10).

I know, the word intentional is so overused (I think its because we all know we stink at it), but jeez, when I'm not intentional— I spin my wheels and feel like my only purpose is to just get. through. the. day. without my head falling off.

Five for Friday {read, watch, listen, do, buy}

Hidden Christmas by Tim Keller. I love how Keller can talk heavy theology, but somehow its not over my head. He sheds such new light on scripture we’ve heard our entire life. I’ve underlined just about the whole thing. Good little read to have on the coffee table to pick up and chew on a paragraph or 2 when I have a sec. 

Lauren Daigle's Light of the World with Nativity depiction : Oh my stars, this just about took my breath away—The song AND the video. I literally sat and talked to Jeremy for an hour afterwards about how Mary and Joseph must have felt when all those shepherds randomly showed up to worship their son, and what it must have been like for the Wiseman to finally lay eyes on the child they'd been searching for. And Mary being in labor and birthing on a dirt floor. I just can’t even.