Big Adventures in Small town USA

We have officially moved from the metropolis of Memphis to the small town of Millington, TN. (about 25 min. north) We had a great time moving in on Saturday. From start to finish there was about 20 folks (YL kids, family, friend on our committee) that either helped pack stuff, move stuff, brought us food or unpack our many boxes. The house felt livable in one short afternoon. AMAZING!!! We were overwhelmed with joy to see everyone come together and help us in that way.

We are settling in and getting use to the feel of a small town. I am use to the small town living, while Lauren on the other hand is a city girl so it will take her some times to get use to the fact the the mayor is also your real estate agent, your neighbor and his wife teaches your kids at school. The close knit communities of small towns...... interesting! Our neighbor came over just as we pulled up to the house and was so excited we were there. She came over later to bring us drinks and pizzas for dinner. Lauren was so surprised at this behavior. She's been trying to get to know our neighbors in Memphis for months, but all the only time they talk to us is when we need to rake our yard. As we stare out our back windows, we have the gorgeous view of the Millington middle school building. A little bit of a down point, but the location is great and we love the house. We can't ever say that we don't know where to find kids. They're everyhwere!

As I assess the situation I know of two big issues that we will have to figure out and work through. First, getting use to a small town and everyone knowing everyone and just having to be a little more creative with our free time (i.e. shopping at Walmart ). Second, a lot of high school folks think they are all getting their own personal key to the house and are expecting hot meals on the table when they come over. Ha ha.... that will be a fun one to work through. Last night, two of my guys came over. Yes, the called. But they called as they were looking in our front door window. Nice. I quickly let them know that they'll have to call BEFORE they are here. We also are going to have to implement the ole "porch light on" or "porch light off" rule for coming over or not. Brad and Marcia Baker told us that was a good one, or a "Open" or "Closed" sign.

We are happy to be here and are looking forward to our lives and ministry in Millington. Its a fun season in our lives and it is so apparent that the Lord has blessed us with this ministry and that we are blessed to be used by Jesus.

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  1. Hey Crabtree family, we are so excited that you guys have made the big move. It sounds like everything is going great. The house is really cute but we would love to come see it for ourselves sometime. Lauren, your burp cloths are really cute. I have lots of friends having babies soon and I may be calling you. We love you guys and miss you. Thanks for being in Millington!