Another Tender Tennessee Christmas...

I hosted Christmas Eve for the fam at our little house in Millington this year. The pressure was on. It was the first time to cook Christmas Eve dinner, and thanks to, the meal was a success! Here's what I made. (Warning: once you start reading this woman's blog, you can count on a good 2-3 hours of your night to be shot and an unseen, insatiable desire to cook all the time!) Normally, I feel like people just say my food is good to be nice, but this time it really WAS good! Thanks, Pioneer Woman. You're my hero.

Intently focusing on not burning anything

Gingerbread houses were next. Dad was totally into it and super focused. Notice his serious face. If you look closely, he misspelled Christmas. (XMASS) We all agreed really smart people can't spell. Oops! 

Look who found the gingerbread houses! Yummy! SO CUTE!
Group pic. (without garrett). Sam just couldn't get enough icing.

Sam's favorite gift was tissue paper. He never even touched the baby laptop I got him, but couldn't get enough of the tissue paper. Next year all the babies are getting boxes and tissue paper from the Crabtrees! 


  1. Yeah Lauren...glad your dinner was a success! Pioneer woman rocks!!! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year :)
    Love you -- Kimmy

  2. great pics!!!! it was such a great time!!! success!!!

  3. i wish i could have sampled some of the goodies! maybe next thanksgiving you should just assume all responsibilities:))))) love love the houses! you are beautiful!!!