Another Tender Tennessee Christmas

The "Tennessee Tour" home to see my fam in Memphis and Jeremy's fam in Cookeville this Christmas was wonderful. A LOT of driving, but well worth it (ESPECIALLY since it snowed!!). We've been in Texas for 7 months now (kind of hard to believe), so being able to see all of our friends and family and hang out for a week came at the perfect time.
Favorite Christmas present: The Keurig
Totally my new obsession. I drink like 5 times more coffee now because it's just so fun. Notice the AMAZING pottery mugs my mom got us. They are beautiful! Everyone should have a favorite mug. I just got 6.

Christmas changes a little bit every year. We're all getting older, and I think I am just in denial that we aren't 8 anymore. Now, there's the new kids on the block... nieces and nephews have now made Christmas a lot different, but WAY more fun. Not to mention they're way more fun to buy presents for than grown ups- buying gift cards is easy and all, but plastic food we can pretend that we're cooking with, little fishing poles with velcro fish (see above), and and toys that sing "D says Duh" and "B says Buh" are way more fun!

New Years Eve at Sweetgrass in Midtown Memphis. Yum.


  1. Awwwww! So CUTE! Glad you guys had a fun holiday :) Many blessings in this New Year to you and Jeremy!

  2. great post! the fishing game is still a hit; i've been trying to teach sam that the pole is to fish with and not a weapon.