IT'S COMING.... 10.10.11

We are totally excited and thankful to announce that we are pregnant and are expecting Baby Crabtree in October!!! We are kind of in shock. The pic above is right after I told Jeremy... he thought he was getting  a romantic valentines gift... this was way better.  We are 12 weeks and I am feeling much better. I thankfully haven't been super sick, just moody and hungry. Bacon and Sour Patch Kids have been my best friend. I'll have a hyper kid with high cholesterol. It surprisingly hasn't been super hard keeping it a secret because I just didn't believe it was real! We had been trying for a while, so this is SUCH an answer to prayer and such a sweet testimony to God's perfect timing and provision. We are currently looking for a home so the baby doesn't have to sleep in the laundry room. Also, we are not finding out what it is going to be, so that will be a fun surprise. Bring on the yellow and green!

Another HUGE praise is that Jeremy is feeling way more settled in his position here. He is really enjoying it. There has been a ton of transition and restructuring this year for Young Life, so that was obviously a very hard but necessary struggle over the last 9 months for  us.  We are thankful and confident that this is where the Lord has us right now and that this year made us see God's provision and guidance in our life... even when we doubted and struggled heavily with trusting Him. He is so good and faithful!


  1. Praise God! I am so excited for you both. Not so much on buying green and yellow :) Just kidding! It will be great!!!!

    So can we tell people now????

  2. I am so excited for the two of you! You two will be the best parents. Prayers for you both in your preparation and a healthy baby!

    Robyn Hornsby

  3. Many congrats again, sweet friend! Please keep up with the blogging; I will be checking! :)

  4. SO happy for yall, Lauren!!!! I love how you told him!