Jeremy turned the BIG 3-0!!

Jeremy turned 30 this week!! Our sweet friends came out to celebrate with us and helped make his birthday so special! About 6 months ago, Jeremy said he wanted to be in the best shape of his life by 30. Of course, I was very supportive, so I told him if he met his goal, I would get him and iPad for his birthday. Well, his plan didn't go as he wished (though, I think he looks and is perfect, and is in great shape), so while he dropped the goal, we still toyed with the idea of getting one.

To me, it wasn't very "practical" or a wise investment. BUT... after leading him to believe for weeks and weeks (and telling him the day before his birthday that I was sorry that he wasn't getting and iPad...and felt really bad), I broke down and decided (on his b-day) I was going to do it and surprise his little socks off. Our family decided they wanted to jump in on the surprise and help, so that made it even more fun. I have never been more excited about surprising someone with a gift. I could barely contain myself!!! He had NO IDEA!

{Just in case the video didn't work, I needed to put the chain of events- thanks megan!}

He thinks he's opening a J.CREW box (which is normally what I get him- a plaid button-down)

He just realized he in fact, did not get a used, orange fleece in the summer,
but an IPAD! Look at that face!!

This pic is my fav.

Thanks Austin for the Justin Bieber Poster. It hangs over our mantle now.
Our awesome Mckinney friends! We are so blessed!!

This video is kind of dark, but it's still fun :)


  1. I love how you showed his faces throughout the entire process. It was truly priceless. Thanks for sharing it was very sweet.
    We love you

  2. #1 - Lauren you are a GORGEOUS preggo lady!!!

    #2 - We cannot wait to meet your precious peanut.

    #3 - The pics of Jeremy opening his IPAD are priceless~ you are truly a rock'in wife!

    We sure do love and miss you guys~ we hope to see you this fall/winter. Hugs to you and your sweet baby belly.