A different anniversary

{it wouldn't let me edit jacob's scary eyes. He look like an alien!}
Tuesday was our 3rd anniversary! We have gone out of town the last two years to celebrate, so on a whim, after dropping off Jeremy's sister at the airport, we checked into a hotel in Dallas and pretended we were "out of town." Still not sure it was a good idea, but we'll always remember our attempt to do something fun and spontaneous. We went shopping (not a whole lot of things you can do with a newborn) and went to the Grand Lux restaurant. I was SURE he would sleep through our nice meal, but low and behold, he started screaming (thankfully it was really loud in there) and luckily I had a bottle and we passed him back and forth so we could eat! I think the server felt sorry for us so she brought us a dessert. Ha. Things have definitely changed!! But, we love that it's the 3 of us now... even if we can't finish our meals and/or get any sleep in a nice hotel...

{I wanted to put this verse on there, but it would only fit on the back.}

The whole announcement gig is funny to me. I said I wasn't going to do it because all my friends and family clearly know I had a baby and have seen pics, but Shutterfly sucked me in with a great deal, and what am I supposed to put in the "announcement" slot in Jacob's baby book!? ;)

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