Happy 1 Month!

Our attempt to have a "date" down on the Square
This is why our laundry and utility bill has doubled! Usually it's all over me as well.
Grammie gave us this sweet outfit that i think is darling... Jeremy doesn't agree so much ;)

My cousins made a trip to Texas and got to meet Mr. Jacob! So sweet!

This is not his "first bath"- because that was a debacle. He screamed bloody murder. I panicked, grabbed him (rescued him) and we waited another week until we tried again.
Newest Rangers fan! He cried a lot when they lost...
{Jeremy's sister came to see us for a few days. Jeremy definitely held this sign up with Jacob at the airport. Tab loved it}
{Our first halloween was a success}
{Going trick-or-treating down on the square with Courtney and her little one, Presley (Tinkerbell)}
{Our first walk in the BOB. He loves to go on walks}

I cannot believe our little guy is already 1 month old! Part of me feels like its flown by and the other half feels like its been the longest month of my life! We are starting to get the hang of things a bit more, and Jeremy and I are settling into the fact that we are actually Jacob's parents... we aren't just babysitting. The first few weeks I would just stare at him and think, "Is he really ours? When did this happen?" Even though this has been, by far, the hardest month of my life, I wouldn't trade it...well, I may trade it for a good nights rest...ha.

Our sweet Jacob Ray loves to stare out the window and his best friend is the chandelier above his changing table (which is on our dining room table right now). He could be having a total meltdown and you set him there and all is well! (for a few minutes). We are getting the hang of getting out of the house and try to now every day or so, so I don't go stir crazy! We are still waiting for the big "real smile." Right now they are all accidental, but Jeremy likes to think his kisses make him smile. It was a fluke but he keeps trying!


  1. Great post!!! You guys are adorable! And I LOVE that outfit w the cap...precious! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Oh my, that boy is so beautiful! The family pics of you three are so gorgeous. We had so much fun stopping by to see you guys~ you are an awesome mama and we hope to get to hug you guys again over Christmas.