Eczema Adventures

 {right now you're saying, "poor baby!"}

Jacob has eczema. It's awful. He scratches it which is the most uncoordinated, helpless, pitiful thing you've ever seen. I have totally cut out gluten and dairy in hopes that he has an allergy to one. Yes, it did help, although I thought it may just be a fluke! Through this journey/diet we have definitely become way healthier in our home. Through this process, I'm learning more and more about food and how bad processed and GMO (genetically modified organism) foods are. But, I will say, if you want to lose weight fast.... stop eating bread. (note: not all wheat/bread is bad, just most of the processed kind.) Jeremy's even jumped on the band-wagon! Our home consists of a lot of veggies, meat, nuts, rice, and rice/almond milk. You'd be surprised how many gluten-free things are out there. After spending an arm and a leg, here are a few of our favs. We've tried just about every lotion, cream and oil. I'm hoping that the regimen that my sister's friend gave me will help. Pray that this will be just temporary and he will "grow out of it." Because I'm starving. If you have any advice, please pass along. And yes, I've tried Aveeno baths.


  1. sweet buddy! i hope the new regimen works.

  2. Oh Lauren, I am SO SORRY.....bless him (and you)! I have no suggestions, but Kim dealt with eczema a lot with Palmer when she was nursing - he is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, beef, pork, and probably other things that I am forgetting. I bet you are absolutely starving- I am praying you find a good solution for all SOON. That boy is soooooo adorable!