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So, I've taken a break from my not-so-consistent blogging. I know not many hearts are broken by this, but I mainly do it for my friends and family to keep up... well, that's the only reason. To be honest, the thought of other people I don't know reading my blog kind of weirds me out. Maybe one day. I'm not quite sure why I blog. For a brief second I thought I could be a really cool, pithy, creative blogger, but I'm not that pithy for one, and I can barely keep my house clean and take care of a baby, so I'm not sure how I'd add blogging to my routine. {very long run-on sentence... another reason why I shouldn't blog}.

SOOO... Jacob is 4 months and he is starting to be really fun (praise God). He was a little toot there for a while and wore me out. A lot. I'm sure all babies are like that, I was just not prepared. Above, we are at Disney World with my bro and his sweet family. We were there for Young Life's All staff conference that comes around every 4 years. Burton just happened to have a trip planned the same week which was super fun to be with his fam. Jacob loved "It's a small world."

We are doing well and are still adjusting to having another member of the family. We question all the time (well, I guess more-so me) if we are doing everything right. Did I wake him up too early? Should I feed him rice cereal yet? Should I be reading to him more? Does he have eczema because of something I've done? Do we let him cry it out tonight? Am I a good mom? My childhood friend made a post on her blog and explained exactly how I feel!! If you're a mom, you must read it.

Anyway, I got on here to post that I was going to stop the blog because I kind of stink at it and it kind of stresses me out because I will think about putting pics up and it will take me like 2 months to do it (I'm working through my procrastination problem and a lot of others... maybe I'll blog about that). My sister is like a wiz at it and blogs about her kids and pics of them at least once a week- I kind of make fun of her for it (sorry, Ko) but maybe I'm just jealous. ;) But maybe I'll keep doing it. This was fun. Until next time...

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  1. Lauren! What an awesome pic of you guys- so beautiful. Jacob is SO BIG and precious.....I am sorry the first four months have been rough~ it is truly survival, but I hope the next few months only get better. Jackson was a HORRIBLE sleeper for the first 6 months and did not sleep through the night until 11 months, but now he is a really good sleeper so I feel like the brutal nights were all worth it :). Love you guys!