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Just a little update. Our Little Man (that's what Jeremy calls him) is 8 months and is SUCH a boy! He's into everything, crawling and prefers to stand if at all possible. He will find a way to stand up, and scale any wall, chest-of-drawers, or object even if there's nothing to hold on to. He is hilarious and "he keeps me on my toes" (total mom phrase). I cannot take my eyes off him for a second (because he will electrocute himself, but also because he is so dang cute.) 

I'm trying my best to be the main source of nutrition for this child, but he's like wrestling a little bear sometimes and is SO easily distracted!! He is ALL boy and never stops "playing" and moving.  Is it bad that I really look forward to nap time and our 30 minute "Praise Baby" video? (which he now only stays interested in for about 10 min.)

Jeremy's parents came in a few weeks ago and we had a big ole time showing them around Mckinney. They had some great one-on-one time with Jacob, rocked him to sleep almost every night and took him on a lot of walks- super sweet time! We're grateful they were able to come!!
Mother's Dy at church with Jeremy's parents
 {Jacob immediately laid his head on Terry's shoulder when they walked in. He never really does that. It was priceless. I think he knew he was his name-sake, Terry RAY!}
Nana, you're the best!
{He is obsessed with baskets. Not too interested in the toys inside anymore}

      A few weeks ago, we made our trek West to our Summer assignment (for Young Life) to Trail West in Buena Vista, CO. We had the sweet gift of being able to stay at a friend's cabin at Red River, NM for a few days before we started our assignment. It was awesome! No cable or internet which was GREAT. We just read, hiked, and enjoyed not having anything to do. The 13 hour drive with Jacob wasn't too bad. Listening to the audiobook, Bossy Pants by Tina Fey made it quite enjoyable while Jacob enjoyed a never ending supply of puffs and chew toys. More cute pics of Trail West to come in the next post. 

{notice the river RIGHT outside the cabin}
Not fast enough for the timer.
{christmas card? }
This is a real sign. What a way to go.

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  1. that last road sign had me laughing out loud! i love this post! y'all look so cute and i love you running to make the pic! jacob is ADORABLE! coco still prays for him all the time.
    love you guys and can't wait to see you!