Babies on a plane

Jacob and I flew to Memphis last week to see the fam and have one last hurrah before the Summer ended. Jeremy had to finish up some stuff so he drove later in the week (don't feel sorry for him, he enjoyed the peace and quiet!) We have flown a lot- Jacob and I. But, now that he's older, stronger, and has a way larger WILL, it's a tad different. Needless to say, I was sweating and needed a glass of wine by the end of our 3 hour journey. We were on a puddle-jumper 9 passenger plane that makes 2 stops in small towns where you have to get OFF the plane while they fuel up. It's called Seaport and to give you any idea of the kind of experience it was, my boarding pass was hand-written and the guy who checked my bag was also the guy who checked me at the gate. If you're into the thrill of extreme turbulence and having some serious conversations with God as you plead for your life, Seaport's for you!
 Granted, I would take that any day over 8 hours in the car. I had "planned" so well the timing of the flight- right during his nap. Perfect!  After throwing cheerios,  pulling the hair of lady in front of us (very embarrassing), going through ALL our snacks, crying but refusing his bottle, paci or any exciting toy- I held him tightly as he arched his back, kicked and screamed, (like wrestling a baby lion). I'm mouthing "Sorry..." to onlookers and finally he surrendered and fell right asleep. I WON!! To my devastation, that "leg" of the flight was only 30 minutes long and I was forced off, after pleading to stay on an un-airconditioned plane for the sake of a 15 minute nap. Thanks Seaport. Next time, I'll pay the extra money to have a NON-STOP flight.

P.S. Isn't it great when people say, "It's okay, Honey. We've all been there, he's not bothering me at all..." (even though they're lying, there's a mom code to give a nod of 'I understand and I'm sorry' ) Without fail, you get the bad looks from men or non-moms. I mean, bad looks.

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  1. Aww. You are a strong momma! What a crazy flight... I think I would be nervous if my ticket was hand written :/