Almost One!

We are gearing up for Jacob's 1st birthday. I am fully aware this shindig is for me and he will never remember or care, but he will care about the pic of him eating cake (or at least his wife will). I have had to put a personal ban on Pinterest for ideas for the party due to feelings of inadequacy as a mother. Ha. We will have balloons and cupcakes. Note: Thank you, sweet Leslie for the invitations. If the birthday is a flop, at least the invitation was cute.

We left Jacob for the first time over-night this last weekend for a wedding in Fort Worth. To my surprise... he did awesome! Slept through the night and was the "perfect baby" for our sweet friends. Praise God! He has been such a delight lately. I'm not just saying that... I will confess, I have said how great and fun he is in the past, and I may have been fudging a little. {that's just what you're supposed to say as a Mom, right?} He had been quite the whiner these last few months- to the point I was reading any and every parenting book, blog for advise and praying that we hadn't screwed this child up already. Maybe he was just frustrated he couldn't walk, because he has truly been a JOY lately.

He started walking a week or so ago and it has been the cutest thing ever. He's still into everything, but he is learning how to kind of entertain himself more, so it gives me a little more leeway so I can do the dishes and such. I can't get much done when he's awake- to which I had been extremely frustrated with lately. It's like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos (someone wise said).  But, I've decided to embrace it and treasure this phase. The dishes and laundry will always be there! The days do get long sometimes, but that's part of the territory. We are very blessed and grateful that I can stay home and chase this little monkey around all day.

his favorite place
great shot of the mohawk
his favorite toys are in here


  1. Ha! so who IS this wise person??
    Love this post! CAN NOT wait to rub the fuzzhawk!
    aunt ko

  2. I love that little monkey. Wish uncle Burt could be at the party.