End of an Era

...a very dramatic way to say
last day of work
I've stopped working my one-day-a-week (sometimes two...) as a nurse. I prayed specifically 6 weeks ago that God would make it very clear whether or not I should continue working- and when I went in the next week she gave me an ultimatum. Either I worked more or needed to quit. If that wasn't clear enough-I tried to make it work- trying to find child-care, negotiating, etc. and all the doors closed. It was weird.

SO.... this is not really what I had in mind. I had the best gig going, and it's gone. The little extra money. The feeling that I was good at something. The break from Jacob. (even though I totally was ready to go home and see him after 3 hours). Feeling accomplished at the end of the day. But, I'm trusting the Lord on this. I wish I had a trade. All these moms I know make and sell stuff on etsy or do little things on the side like teach at night. I got nothing. My sister definitely told me to sell meals out of my house and that it was "really big" in Memphis. That sounds awful. (sorry, Ko. Keep thinking though!)

That's what's going on in our neck of the woods. Jeremy's gearing up for the Fall. Fundraising his brains out and rallying the troops for another year of high school ministry. I can't believe we're going on YEAR THREE here!!! God has been faithful and so good to us.

Jacob is 11 months and keeps me super busy. Not busy like the rest of the world. Busy as in chasing him around making sure he doesn't kill himself. We have to get out of the house at least once a day or I go crazy. He is currently really into opening and closing doors, cabinets, latches, etc. He has a fantastic puff mohawk that everyone comments on. He is standing more on his own and about a week from walking. I swear he said "dog" today. He has no idea I am "mamama" and Jeremy is "dadada", but he says that a lot. I gave up on sign language. He loves cheerios and crackers. He's obsessed with a stuffed lamb we like to call "Lambert." He loves wrestling and laughing with Jeremy. I'm struggling with the whining when he doesn't get what he wants and/or just wants to whine for the sake of it. I am currently battling with thoughts that we are going to have the kid no one wants to be around. BUT... I'm on it and am determined not to let that little guy think he's the center of the universe.


  1. I am SO proud of you! you are the best little mama and jacob is so fortunate to have you home with him. God will totally show you who you are IN Him.
    i love you!!!