Cupcakes and Balloons!

{trying to be a little artsy. this was my high chair.}

Our little boy turned ONE on September 29! We had a little shindig with our sweet friends and family to eat cupcakes and watch Jacob toddle around and play with balloons. We were flabbergasted by the BIG surprise from our friends... an iPad! {actually our second iPad, but the last one we returned because my financial advisor recommended it (jeremy)} We were SO surprised and it of course came at such an opportune time- my computer was about dead. The story is- one of our YL leader friends asked what Jacob needed/wanted for his birthday, and because I never know how to answer that question, I jokingly said "an iPad." Well, they all took me up on it! Now, we all know it's Jacob's iPad (right), but right now he just moves the apps around on the home screen. He's so not interested.

Our little Jay Jay is all over the place (yes, we do call him that I think because I was so determined not to nick name him "Jake"... and some how Jay is better?? Oh well). It's been confirmed by many that he is quite "spirited." I am aware that this may be the polite way of saying "high maintenance" or "strong willed" (don't worry, I already have Dobson's book). This little phase is so fun though, because he is way more interactive, walking (makes the park more fun), and just funny.

He's not really talking much, other than Da Da, Mamamama, and Bababa. Today, the doctor said he should have 10 words by 15 months, and when I told her he didn't have many, she kind of gave me that "it's okay, but not really" look. The whole way home I talked very loudly, enunciating every word to him over and over as I'm getting the Mommy Guilt pit in my stomach. "I should be reading to him more," I keep thinking, but that sweet little angel gave me a little gift. As I was telling him we were going home to go "Night Night", low and behold... he said "Neh Neh Neh." I'll take it.

{he wasn't too sure about it at first. not what i was expecting, but super sweet!}
{The BIG surprise! and yes, I did cry}

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