Cousins, Claire and Craziness...

This is a really late post: 
In October, I was able to see ALL of my family within 3 weeks. My parents came down for the birthday party, Courtney and her 2 came down the weekend after, then I flew to see Burton's fam and meet Baby Claire in Birmingham! What a fun whirlwind of a time. Oh, how things have changed since we've had kids. We laugh about what we did/talked about before them!? Thankful for my family and to be Aunt La La to 5 sweet babies! I wish we saw them more often, but we so treasure the times we get to pack it all into a few days!
 I tried my best to document:
Who doesn't love cousin bath time pics? Jacob's having the time of his life.
The only time he sat still long enough for a pic with Grammie... thanks to Cheerios.
Coco is obsessed with Jacob's ears. "They're soft."
on our way to "best aunt and uncle" award.
 out of like 100 pics, these were the best. How hard could it be for 4 babes to look at the camera and smile all at once?
 Jacob trying to share his snack with Maggie... ruining the pic
 Everyone wants to push the "baby"
 Coleson is such a good big brother to his sisters.
I think he liked having a boy around for the weekend though!
 Uncle Burt
 Sweet Claire... by far the best baby ever. 

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