A Quick Pic Update

{NOTE: I'm the worst blogger... as evidence by the fact I thought I posted this and never did. An actual "current" update coming soon.}

Since tomorrow is February, it only seemed right to post about Christmas {this is why I could never be a "legit" blogger- way too inconsistent}. We were able to fly to Cookeville, TN to spend Christmas with Jeremy's family.

Jacob is getting more and more fun and less and less like a little baby. Bittersweet for sure! My little boy is learning so fast and is becoming his own little man. A handful for sure, but so much fun.

{yes, he did pull our tree down, and no, it did not scare him... he was very proud of himself!}
{we were thankful for suckers and the iPad on the flight. still wasn't easy}
{we had a layover so we had to do the best we could to entertain}

{Jeremy's nephews got a go-cart. I don't know who was more excited, Jeremy or them} 
{new christmas tradition- Cracker Barrel}
{i turned 29! one more year of being young and hip!}

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