Crabtree, Party of 4

We are excited to announce that baby #2 is on the way, October 1st! (yes, that is 2 days after Jacob's birthday. whoops.)  I have taken a little break from blogging for multiple reasons, but mainly because I have felt pretty crumby lately. Jacob's pregnancy was a breeze. Hardly any morning sickness and just a little fatigue, but this little guy/gal put me out for 3 months straight.  Let's just say Jacob watched a lot of Curious George and ate a lot of pre-packaged food while I tried every "ginger" product/drink ever made. I am thankful to say I am on the other side of the first trimester (18 weeks) and feeling myself again. Praise God! And for those that are dying to know what the sex is... we won't know until he/she's here!

Jacob's 19 months today and has been quite the handful {challenge} lately, but super fun. I'm thankful to report (after the pressure my former doctor put on him to say "10 words by 15 months" while he wasn't saying any) he is progressing nicely. His favorite words are car, truck, and tractor. He wakes up and falls asleep talking about anything with wheels, which is cute, but I'm beginning to think they're becoming an idol in his life (that's a hit or miss joke... most people look at me funny when I say that).

 I am grateful for the strong personality God has given him. We have lots of  "battle of the wills" which require me to be prayed-up (if you will) each morning. When I'm not, the day usually is grueling. Oh how we need LOTS of Jesus when it comes to parenting!! Usually by 10 am, my patience has run out and I need to ask God's forgiveness for my own sin and LACK of grace for him. It's easy to focus so much on Jacob's behavior that I don't examine my own heart and responses.

If I'm honest, prayer is hardly ever my first instinct. My go-to is to call my sister or friend and ask "What did you do with _______ behavior?" or "How do I get him to do____?" I run to a book or blog for answers and a quick fix. If I do A and B, then he should do C, right?  Not that there aren't wonderful tools and advice to be be shared and learn! But the Lord has so gently convicted me of running to the wisdom of man before asking the God of the universe who knows everything about my little boy what he thinks about the situation. Again, I'm all about some books and gleaning wisdom, but I want God's wisdom first and foremost. Sometimes he may guide me to certain articles or a friend, but most the time its just a good old fashion heart check from the Holy Spirit guiding and counseling me, like he promises.

Now, my issues are not enormous or life-threatening, which causes me to usually just complain about them instead of taking them to Jesus. I usually preface them in conversation with, "I know this is really dumb and not a big deal, but..." Even though deep down I've allowed it to become a HUGE deal and frustration in my life- frustration also that I can't be one of those Mom's that are unaffected and realize this is just a phase.

For example, Jacob's become quite the picky eater lately and most days we are both so frustrated with each other at mealtime... embarrassingly, leaving us both crying at times! {I'm going to blame that one on hormones} Something like this I would have never prayed about until my friend challenged me to do so. Yes, I pray for his heart, his future, his health... but his eating habits? "Lord, please let him eat his avocado tonight!" Sounds kind of funny.

Yes, I did make some new boundaries per some advice by a friend ("if you don't like these options, then you'll have to wait until the next meal to eat"), but most importantly, the Lord has convicted and shown me my own control issues and need for patience with him. Once again, it's usually both our sinful natures we are dealing with here!

Next month, I'm sure it will be a new issue. Like stealing or something.
Carbing up for a big day of playing (outfit by Jeremy)

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  1. That last picture is maybe the funniest picture on the planet. I am dying laughing.

    I really enjoyed hearing about all you are learning about yourself in being a mom. Makes the thought of motherhood not so scary and "other."

    So, thank you for sharing.