24 Weeks

 just a tad past the "i just look a little chubby" phase
 I am thankfully in the sweet spot of this pregnancy. Right at 24 weeks and loving this second trimester. I wouldn't be surprised if this little one is a girl since this pregnancy has been so different, which apparently doesn't matter, it's just fun to think about. (NOTE: Lemon water helps with heartburn, who knew?)

We had a little scare before we left that made me very anxious (I'll spare you the details). Unfortunately, I had yet to feel the baby move which is always a nice comfort when strange things happen. My dear friend came over and she and Jeremy prayed that God would protect this child and (per my request) that I would feel the baby move.

That afternoon, I felt that sweet little thing kick, and all issues subsided.

God is so kind. So good. I definitely cried a good bit- the good kind. I did go to the doc later that week to double check that everything was fine. So thankful!

It was another reminder that this child is The Lord's and He loves him/her more than I ever could. In pregnancy, there really is nothing you can do, you just have to wait and pray that everything is "fine" and trust God with their little, fragile life.

And it's the same when they come out too!! We just think we have more control...

To fully grasp that I am truly not in control of these baby's lives is something I have to constantly be reminded of.  It's so easy for me to be paralyzed and consumed with fear sometimes. I could do everything right and my children could still, heaven forbid, get terribly sick, be in an accident, or something else out of my control.

But there is such comfort in the fact that they are The Lord's and that He has numbered their days. That He cares about every detail of their life I can rest in his sovereignty.  Oh, how I know that I will have to cling to that truth over and over again from now until eternity! (Jacob's only one for goodness sake... I have a long road ahead!) 

In the mean time, we pray really hard, ask for wisdom, and take care as best we can of these little babies God has lent to us on this earth for a very short time.

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