Back Home... and sick

Yes, that's a baby with a beard. It was western dress up night.

We just got home from our adventures in Colorado. It was such a blessing to be away in the mountains and be able to see around 1500 kids come through Young Life camp, hear the gospel, and have the "best week of their lives" (if you're not familiar with YL, that's their tag line for camp). It really is a gift that we get to be a part of what God does there.

But, it also is a long time to be away from home, routine, our sweet friends, and my kitchen! So, this mama was ready to get back in our own bed and back into our family rhythm— even if it meant being in 100 degree, humid heat… (I may be recanting that statement in a few days here)

 It only made sense that after eating at camp for 5 weeks — processed, low nutrient food, with dessert at every meal — our immune systems were about shot. (In Frontier's defense, their food tastes really good, but it's impossible to feed that many people high quality, real, whole, nutrient-dense food, I know, I know.)

So we got the classic sore throat, congestion, headache, cough, and Mr. Jacob thought it would be cool to get pink eye- yuck!  As much as I just wanted to not treat his eye with antibiotics, I knew I needed to (after 3 days of watching and waiting...) and there was no way he was going to do any of my crazy remedies either.

So, now that we're home and I have my arsenal of defense, immune boosting vitamins and of course… good food—we are fighting the funk and feeling way better.

Tomorrow, I will post our regimen, but for now- here are some more cute pics.

His new obsessions- boots and sunglasses.Who doesn't love a boy in boots?
Waiting to ride a pony that he was too scared to get on... next year, babe.
Classic father-son... precious

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