Frontier Ranch

A little update from Frontier Ranch in Colorado: Almost every summer, we get to spend a month at a Young Life camp as part of Jeremy's job. It has it's really sweet and really hard things about it, but we love the gift of being able to watch high school kids lives be changed each week and living in close community with other staff and their families from around the country.

 The housing is always a toss up, so this year we get to share a room with our little monkey. We quickly had to nip the early morning wake up calls in the bud by putting up a piece of plywood- somehow he forgets he's 2 feet from us when he can't actually see us.
Improvising at its finest

St. Elmo- where you pay to feed the chipmunks. It was priceless.
Jacob has loved this assignment (lingo for our month at camp). Running around, throwing/climbing rocks, and getting a little too close for comfort to ledges and small cliffs is what we do ALL day. Though I don't want to be the helicopter mom that doesn't let their son get dirty and be a boy, I would love it if he could keep his two front teeth for a while and his head intact.

He is 20 months and pretty hilarious. His current obsessions are:
- Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go Book  (a MUST for a toddler boy)
- Chapstick (a battle I just gave up on, at least it's Burt's bees)
- Boz (a christian version of Barney kind of)
- Ice
- Cashews ("nuthtz")
- and of course, his Daddy
All Boy= LOTS of "Boo Boos"
Another fun perk this month is that I got to meet Dave Ramsey!! His family came as adult guests for a few days the week his son was here as a leader. I tried to play it cool, but the first thing that came out when I saw him was, "Hi there, I'm a big fan," and shook his hand. You would have thought I saw Brad Pitt. (I really am a big fan) After I got my awkwardness out, it was fun talking to them and hearing their excitement about what Young Life is doing. He is super normal and down to earth. (I also got him to sign my debit card... no, I'm not that hardcore of a fan)

We have 2 more weeks left and I am trying to soak up all the perfect weather, mountains, beauty, and everything Dallas is not before we leave. Our faces may melt off when we go home, pray for us.

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  1. Ha! I love "everything Dallas is not" -- hee hee.

    Looks like a beautiful time!