How We Get Well

Normally, I would be downing some Dayquil, Nyquil, Sudaphed, or anything I could get my hands on to feel better—and trust me, I would have been way more tempted if I wasn't pregnant. But I am so excited to see how going the more natural route really does work and adding these things to my new medicine cabinet have paid off.

As of the last year or so, this is our regimen when we're sick and/or fighting something (we are usually not sick in the Summer, but as mentioned- our immune systems are shot from last month.) There are definitely a lot of other natural remedies and immune boosters—and I'm still learning— but these are the basics that I think work really well.

Vitamin C- this is a good, pretty taste-less kind that is in raw form, from food, and organic. Jacob has no problems drinking it when I put it in a full sippy cup of water, and I can shoot it without gagging. I take this a couple of times a day when sick. Of course, we try to get as much vitamin C in actual food form.

Probiotic- we take this daily, but it is extremely important when sick. One of the reasons we get sick is because our gut is out of wack—usually due to processed food, sugar, etc— or if you had to take antibiotics (which kills the good bacteria in your gut that wards off pathogens). Our gut is primarily where most of our immune defense is- so keeping up a healthy gut flora of good bacteria is a must for staying healthy (click here for more info). There are powdered forms for kids you can stir in their drink, or I just pop open one of my caps and put in his apple sauce or sippy cup. Take with meal or snack. Other ways to get probiotics in your diet include eating good yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kefir.

Vitamin D3 (and the SUN!)- We take this every day during the flu season, but bump it up when we're sick. I put the D-3 drops on Jacob's paci or on tip of spoon. In the summer months, we try to get a good dose from the sun. I'll let Jacob take off his shirt and run around (with no sunscreen), till he's just a tad pink. Not burnt. This is one of the BEST immune boosters you can do and best way to get vitamin D. We use Carlson for Kids. {I take around 10,000u when sick and my toddler takes around 4000u}

No Dairy- It's mucus-producing

As little sugar as possible- Sugar feeds bacteria and weakens your immune system. That goes for processed bread/flour as well. (one of the main reasons we are sick now is because that's just about ALL we've eaten lately!) So mainly a veggie and fruit diet for now with a little whole grains thrown in. We've been juicing in the mornings, which is really yummy but a lot of work and kind of expensive. But it's worth it.

Nasopure- Like a Neti-pot but way better. (the blue bottle in pic above)I put purified or distilled water (you can boil it first to make sure there is no chlorine or funk in it) then add some salt. Jeremy hates doing it, but he feels way better afterwards. Doing this 2-3 times a day helps a ton to flush out mucous and bacteria.

Fresh, Raw Garlic- It takes some getting used to, but garlic is a go-to whenever we are sick. It has  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It's a natural antibiotic—for real. (I had a mild case of mastitis with Jacob, and in my efforts to avoid antibiotics, I just downed garlic. It really worked!)

You must smash the garlic first to receive it's full benefit (with a spoon or flat of knife). Cut them in small pieces, then swallow them with water like you would pills. Its not that bad. And no, I have not mastered the art of getting garlic down a toddler. We're working on it (I put extra in his hummus, so that's better than nothing).

Wally's Ear Oil - Jacob's been pulling a little at his ears, so we have been putting this oil in them at night and before nap time to avoid any infection that may set in. I have been using it as well for some minor ear discomfort. It has garlic oil which can kill an infection, as well as some other oils that soothe and help with discomfort. Its a must-have, especially for kids. Also, liquid Colloidal Silver works well for ear aches/infections.

For my awful sore throat- This sore throat has been a doozy. Maybe the worst I've ever had. So bad at night, that I can barely sleep. But something that I've been sipping on during the day that helps is hot lemon and raw honey water. Honey is a natural cough and sore throat suppressant. You want raw (and preferably local), so that the pasteurizing process doesn't kill all the healthy, beneficial enzymes.

Also, if you can stand it, mincing raw garlic in hot water- making a sort of "tea"—Gargling it slowly so that it coats your throat, and if you're brave, swallowing it. I'm pretty sure this is what has worked the best and killed whatever infection was going on in there. I'm kind of obsessed with garlic and all that it can do. (what to do about the smell?—I have no idea... just smell like an Italian restaurant for a while)

I hope this is helpful!! 

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