In the New Medicine Cabinet

A lot of things have changed in our "medicine cabinet" per se in the last year or so. Even more things have changed in our kitchen, but that's another story for another time.

I still greatly respect, appreciate, and use modern medicine if need be, but my first instinct is not to run to Walgreens for any and every ailment anymore.

Due to some issues with Jacob, I started learning about alternative and more natural ways to keep our family healthy and treat them when they are sick. It has opened the eyes of this former nurse and lover of medicine to a whole new world.

This whole "natural living" gig is pretty new to us. Some things have worked for our family and some things have not, but I would love to share our journey and pass on some of the things we have learned and are learning. It's kind of become a little passion of mine.

So... In my attempts to try to let Jacob be "all boy" this month in Colorado, he has fallen a ton and scrapped up his face, knees, arms on rocks, concrete, etc. Thankfully, I grabbed some Sovereign Silver Gel before we left, knowing it would probably come in handy.

On top of that, the air is SO dry here causing his eczema to flair up behind his knees. Boo! He has been going to town on his legs at night scratching them, causing some breakdown and major irritation.

I definitely didn't want an infection to set in, so while I would normally slather him with neosporin and some steroid cream, I gave this stuff a try. Low and behold… a big abrasion on his head as well as his legs cleared right up.

 (Before and After pics below... pretty yuck on the left, sorry. But look at those cute little cowboy boot wearing, chunky legs just a few days later!)

Colloidal Silver is an antimicrobial agent with a host of uses that can kills bacteria, viruses and fungus without killing the good, natural bacteria on your skin. Topically, it helps heal razor burn, bug bites, abrasions, rashes, minor burns, etc.

The liquid or spray form can be used for a ton of things like clearing up sinus infections, food poisoning, boosting immune system, and fighting off a cold/flu. I had an ear infection this winter that cleared right up without having to use antibiotics! A whole new world, I tell ya! (note: we do not take this as a daily supplement, but as needed when sick)

One of the risks of always reaching for the tube of Neosporin (antibiotic) for every paper cut is that with it's over-use on your skin (or systemically for that matter- if overexposing yourself to oral antibiotics), antibiotic-resistent bacteria can form causing an infection that is very difficult to treat. I know that's a little extreme, but something to be careful of.

Once again, I will say that I appreciate and am grateful for western medicine if need be. But I'm thankful to have found some safer, more natural alternatives in place of antibiotics for our milder cases.

Play on, Jacob. Play on.

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