Real Food Part 2 // Resources

If you read the previous post on our real food journey, then you may want to know what resources have really helped me get a basis of understanding for why we try and eat the way we do. There are obviously boocoos of websites, books, blogs, and documentaries on this topic, but here are a few of the ones I've enjoyed.

Documentaries:  I'm kind of a nerd and LOVE watching documentaries. Most of these are on Netflix, but if you don't want to sit and watch, at least CLICK on them and watch the trailers.
Hungry For Change: Showing what processed food and dieting does to our bodies and exposes things that the food industry doesn't want you to know.
Food Inc. This used to be on Netflix and is gone now. You can watch it on youtube though. This was one of the first ones I watched a few years ago and it rocked my world. Gives a birds-eye view of the food industry and what food has become. 
Food Matters: This is more from a medical standpoint. How food can heal or damage our bodies. Very eye-opening. Warning: if you are in the medical field, you may get a little defensive.
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead: A guy who had all of these health issues, was taking a ton of meds, and overweight juiced for 60 days and pretty much saved his life.
Fresh: This is shedding light on the farming food industry and what they have had to do to keep up with production at the cost of our health… it will make you want to have a farm- a real, organic farm. 
Websites: : this was kind of my intro into the real food world. She is a mom and does a great job of giving ideas for kid-friendly meals and practical ways to eat real food on a budget. He is kind of the guru of a lot of evidence-based research that has to do with health, medicine, food, etc. Great resource to look up different topics of concern you have questions about. where to find an up to date list of the dirty dozen (which foods have the highest amount of pesticides) as well as see the toxicity of cosmetics, body products, sunscreens, etc. You can look up your products in their database and they will give you a grade on how toxic it is. Very informative and scary at the same time. : This guy had stage 3 colon cancer and cured himself through nutrition and lifestyle change. No chemo! He has a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience. He's actually from my hometown. : great for understanding what GMOs are, what they are in, and why they are really harmful to your health.
Natural Mama Blogs: All great resource for encouragement and info for moms— natural remedies, recipes, and meal plans
Books: Most libraries have these
Real Foods: What to Eat and Why by Nina Planck: A great basic guide to start with. She gives you the gist of about all food topics and a great understanding of what real nutrition is.
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon: It's a cookbook with a ton of valuable information about the importance of the nutrients in food and how they affect our body.
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan: Very informative book and guide to eating and what has happened to our food industry in the 20th century. He answers a lot of questions and gives a good basis for why you want to do your homework, read labels and eat real food.


  1. I love this! Mike and I made some major changes when we had miss Abigail:) I think you would like the book The Unhealthy Truth too, but it's probably a lot of the same material as the documentaries. Mike had more allergy issues and changing how we eat has made a HUGE difference for him too :) Yah real food!

    1. So... I thought that I responded to your comment, but realized that it wasn't really working! Thanks for reading! That's what happened to us- everything kind of changed when we had Jacob. I need to read that book too! Congrats on baby girl #2!