Third Trimester Confessions

Memphis trip while Jeremy was out of town- so fun!

So, now that I'm home from most of our Summer travels, the reality that we're having a baby in 3 months is setting in. And of course, I feel the need to do all these epic things with just the 3 of us one last time and before our family dynamic changes forever! But the time is flying by and we're just doing the best we can right now as my belly gets bigger and Jacob somehow gets heavier and more trying with each passing day.

There's no doubt my hormones are definitely doing their part in this whole pregnancy thing.

They have really enhanced the"What Ifs" in my head— and those are always so helpful and fun.
What if Jacob doesn't like this baby.
What if my delivery is horrendous.
What if we still can't come up with a name for the baby.
What if they have the same birthday, will they hate me for that? (yes, the due date is 3 days after Jacob's bday).
What if the baby has colic? 
What if we don't get to have a "baby moon" getaway to somewhere awesome like everyone does now?
What if I have post-pardum depression.
What if Jacob doesn't feel loved because I won't be able to give him as much attention.
What if I NEVER have a solitary moment to myself again.
Will I ever sleep again???
Sheesh. All really dumb, I know. 

I think the nesting phase is setting in too. In the matter of 36 hours, I pulled out all our baby clothes to wash, had a shopping spree for baby stuff on Amazon, made a laundry list of projects that just had to get done before he/she gets here, read the entire natural childbirth book I had been avoiding for 6 months, and decided that Jacob's room needed everything Pinterist told me would make the "perfect" big boy room (That was a mistake. Oh Pinterest, how you can make everything look so perfect and necessary).

So for now, (as cheesy as it sounds) we are just going to take one day at a time. We may not (and probably won't) have any epic family time. But isn't it all kind of epic in it's own exhausting, messy, imperfect way? I'm not sure what I had in mind—probably something I saw on Pinterist...

And the What Ifs and all the dumb stuff that seems really important in the moment—somehow they seem to disappear or at least seem smaller when my focus is on eternal things and things that really matter. (easier said than done...) Not that having the perfect bedding for Jacob's new room isn't really important— it's just not important enough to make my blood pressure go up.

I'm just praying that the rest of this pregnancy will be really sweet, whatever it looks like.

And if we end up just going to the Holiday Inn Express down the road for our "baby moon," I know it will be as epic as ever.


  1. love you Lauren! So great to see ya'll. hugs xo

    1. It was so great to see you too! Hope you guys are enjoying the rest of your summer!

  2. Natalie MitchellApril 1, 2014 at 6:07 AM

    So great to read that someone else has these worries too!! I am due mid September, 2014 with our second and am also very worried about making the last of our "family of 3" time as memorable as can be! Also so very glad to see that God has a plan and we can all overcome any and all worries because He is the master planner and gives us all that we can handle. Just stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest last night as the nesting has kicked in super early for me at just 16 weeks! Eek! Can't wait to read more :-)

  3. Oh I'm so glad you found me! Girl, its going to be great. God has totally given us so much grace during this transition from one to two kids. There are so many sweet blessings that I have treasured and seen the Lords hand in. Its going to be great, friend ;)

  4. Natalie MitchellApril 6, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    Thank you for your reassuring words!! :-) Congratulations on your beautiful family!!