Breakfast Idea // Yogurt Parfaits

So I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and lately it has been a challenge to prepare a healthy breakfast because I am too tired and just not motivated.  We try and eat a good bit of fruit and some protein either from yogurt, eggs, or nut-butter (on Ezekiel toast) each morning.
I can see why pop-tarts and donuts are so popular! I've been tempted many mornings to just carb up on cereal or a quick granola bar out of convenience, but then I get the inevitable crash by 9 or 10 am and just want to crawl back in bed.  
So I tried to plan ahead last week, and it totally payed off.

People have been asking me for ideas and tips—this is not a genius idea, it just was for me for where I am right now. I know it takes 2 seconds to make, but when you're tired or in a hurry… or tired… it's nice to have a bunch of these prepared and ready to grab. 

- I bought these frozen organic blueberries at Costco (which I know are in season right now,  but haven't had time to buy them fresh).

- The yogurt is just whole milk (always go for full-fat dairy) and live cultures (probiotics)… not all the added aspartame, food coloring, thickeners, fillers, or sugar. There are no added growth hormones or antibiotics as well.

- I do add a little dab of local, raw honey to sweeten it—plain yogurt is an acquired taste!

- If you're really hungry, top with nuts or granola. Since cashews are soft, they have been a hit with my toddler and are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and good fat. (Have you caught on with my obsession with fat yet?) Add them right before you eat or they'll get soggy.
- I LOVE these little jars—we use them as juice glasses or for storing small amounts of left overs. They're cheap and you can get them on Amazon or at just about any grocery store.  
I made 7 jars and they ended up being about 75 cents a piece. Not too shabby.

So, maybe this will buy you an extra 3 minutes to enjoy your morning cup of coffee…
I'll take it.
 Just in case you hadn't noticed before now... just take a gander at a popular brand of yogurt's ingredients. Actually one of my old favorites. I counted 16 ingredients—most of which are artificial and I couldn't pronounce. If you want prepackaged, individual yogurts, go with Brown Cow, Stonyfield, or Wallaby.

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  1. Is there a good pre-packaged Greek yogurt?
    Great post!

    1. Thanks! "Nancy's" has an organic Greek, whole milk yogurt. I think you should be able to find it at your Whole Foods.