{Dates} a pregnancy super food and toddler favorite

We eat a lot of dates around here.

Here's why:
- They are a whole food we can buy in bulk at Costco
- We make homemade Lara Bars and add them to my raw power bites recipe
- They're easy, on the go snacks for me and my toddler
- They are loaded with vitamins and minerals (potassium, Vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, Magnesium, calcium, iron, and folate)
- They're so sweet, they're like dessert

I ran across this study that said that eating dates in the last trimester of pregnancy provides vital nutrients and can decrease labor time, increase the chance of my water not breaking too early, decrease the need for pitocin, and reduce postpartum bleeding. Sign me up!!

Now, who knows if that will be the case for me, but there's no harm in trying! So, i'll be eating 5-6 dried dates every day for these last few weeks of pregnancy (I probably would have anyway, but this info is an added motivation).

If you want to get fancy, it is really yummy to roll them in dried coconut flakes. You can buy them like that at the grocery store (which is way easier because you have to peel the skin off to get the coconut to stick... kind of a labor of love).

If you (or your child) is not used to eating them, I am well aware that they look pretty scary. I like to call them "big raisins"—a little less intimidating. If you buy them with the pits in, be sure and remove before serving. I slice the side with a sharp knife, pull out the pit, then squeeze back together like nothing happened.

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