My Freezer Obsession // Money Saving Tips

A few weeks ago, organic grapes were on sale for $.99/lb at Whole Foods. I have never seen them that cheap, ever. They're normally like 3.99/lb (which is why we do not buy them often) so I took full advantage and stocked up—I actually wish I'd bought more!
{Grapes have one of the highest amounts of toxic pesticides on them and are on the "dirty dozen" list, so if we do buy them, we try and go organic. CLICK HERE for a guide and list of the dirty dozen and more of the why behind it)
Knowing we wouldn't eat them all before they went bad, I took them off the stem and froze them. Yes, you can freeze grapes. They are delish and kids love them–it's like a frozen ball of goodness.

I am a freezer lover. My mom passed it down to me.

She would freeze any and everything. Popcorn, nuts, tea bags (not sure about that one), spices, jam, flour, and anything that she thought may go bad—even if it was 1/2 cup of lima beans. She was raised to be frugal and conserve.

Though, we totally made fun of her at the time—she was teaching us to plan ahead, not waste, and in the end—save money.

Thanks Mom. 

This winter, Target started selling Applegate meat (no growth-hormones, antibiotics or nitrates) and had overestimated what they needed. It was WAY on sale, like 3.99/lb (usually around 11.99/lb) So, in my efforts to save us tons of money, I practically bought them out. I think I bought 15 lbs. We haven't bought deli meat in like 6 months.

A little obnoxious, I know—but totally worth it. 

People will ask me how we can afford to eat the way we do I will say one of the little secrets is buying in bulk and stock-piling when things go on sale. It really does make such a difference. We are blessed to have an extra freezer and fridge in our garage that we load up our bulk items in—one of the greatest investments ever.

We bought ours on craigslist for $100. You should too.

We also eat a lot of organic frozen fruits and veggies from Costco as well—if you don't have the room, split the food with a friend!   

Another way to save is trying to only buy produce that is in season.

If you do not know what is in season, you can usually tell by the prices. Out of season fruits and veggies cost an arm and a leg. There is obviously room for exceptions if you need something for a special recipe or if you can afford buying a carton of blueberries for $5— go for it (but they're probably not going to taste as good than when in season and they were probably shipped a LONG way to get here from some other part of the world.)

Grapes would NEVER be .99/lb in the Winter.

Here's a little guide  you can print off and put on your refrigerator.

Just a few little tips. So go get yourself a freezer!

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