on being still

 {Alright, I know my blog has been a little health-rant heavy lately, so here's a little encouragement before everyone's life gets a little crazier, routine heavy and a lot louder. This comes from a heart that is a little overwhelmed about all the transition that's about to happen and even less "me time" coming in about 6 weeks (baby). So, I am preaching to myself here...}

I am not good at being still. I never have been. And I'm way worse now that I have a kid—but that's kind of a cop out, because I was never good at it before either... 

We've all heard the verse, "Be still, and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10. It's probably on a plaque in your house or definitely your mom's house. We all can't help but love it because we crave stillness and we know we need it!   

I've spent so much of my Christian life waiting for the perfect time to "be still" during my day. Some how I thought that being still included a hot cup of coffee, a comfy chair and a peaceful quiet place (overlooking the mountains or ocean) while I sit, read scripture, and pray... alone.

Now, I am all about some time alone with Jesus— I value it and think its really really important for growth and my walk with Him, but I think God is asking more of us in this scripture. Something different. 

I don't think its a physical stillness He's talking about (although that would be really nice!) I think He's asking me to stop and realign the posture of my heart. Quieting it and changing my focus to Him. In the NASB, the translation says, "Cease striving, and know that I am God." (and actually the Hebrew word is raphah which means to let drop, let go, relax). I love that!

I have spent so much of my life (and most of my days lately) striving to make things happen out of my own might and efforts.

Spinning my wheels to "get done" the things that have to "get done."

To think the way I'm supposed to think.

To love the way I'm supposed to love. 

To some how muster up joy in the mundane and/or hard.

I usually feel like I've run around with my head cut off with not a lot to show for it and never once stopping to ask my heavenly Father for His strength, His peace, or His guidance. Just striving to get through the day—all on my own.
Those days really stink.

The day looks so different when I am obedient to stop and be still. Actually, the day may still look exactly the same, but I am different.  My heart is different, and no hour in a comfy chair, latté, and hymns playing in the background was needed (although, I still would love more of that...)

I can be still in the loudness, the busyness, and the mess. While scraping up dried smoothie on the kitchen floor, driving around a whiny toddler, or folding the piled up laundry that's covering the entire couch.

I know, easier said than done.

And how I wish it was a check it off my list, there I did it! thing—its not. Its a continual, reoccurring realignment of my pretty crappy heart.

At 34 weeks pregnant, with all the craziness about to let loose, I am reminded that I need His help so badly. I am reminded to be still and cease striving and I will be reminded again tomorrow.


  1. Love this! And love you! This is a great reminder for this phase of life, (really all phases); great insight and perspective.
    Love that pic at the top; you look just like Mom ��.