Real Food Finds at Costco

Buying real, organic food can be a little tough sometimes. Do we buy organic ALL the time? No. We just can't afford it. But I try my best to find deals and buy in bulk so that our real food diet can fit into our budget—and Costco has helped make that possible.

Costco has totally exceeded my expectations. I was surprised to find that in the midst of all the highly processed junk, there were some hidden gems that have made the $55/year membership totally worth it. (I've done the math). If you don't think you need all the bulk items- go with a friend and split your groceries up!

Listed are some of our favorite items here in Dallas. I went with my mom in Memphis and their selection was different (and I don't think as good...) These are not the only organic or healthy options they have, just some of our favs. I hope this is helpful!

Organic Coconut Oil: $15.99 for 54 oz.
This is by far my most favorite product for the price and for the quality. I will do a post soon about coconut oil and why its an amazing fat that we should all be incorporating into our diet. This brand is really good and by far the most economical (if you compare to like whole foods). There are a million uses for this nutrient-rich food—we use it in smoothies, cooking, baking, frying, and on our skin to name a few. 

Organic Frozen Veggies and Fruit: (sorry I didn't get all the prices)
Generally, produce is what we spend most of our money on. Yes, in a perfect world I would buy it all from local farmers at the farmers market, but sometimes its just too expensive for us or they do not have the things that we need.

Frozen is the way to go if you 1. want to eat something out of season (like blueberries in the winter) or 2. Cannot afford fresh, organic produce. I have an extra freezer so that I can stock up and have produce on hand. We eat frozen fruit everyday in some form—in smoothies, on yogurt, or just cut up for a snack.

They have Green beans ($6.79/5lbs), broccoli ($6.49/4lbs), corn ($5.59/5lbs), mixed berries, strawberries, wild cherries (12.99/3lb), wild blueberries (12.99/5lbs) and pineapple. They don't always have all of these in the store (organic), so you may not always have the same selection each time you go.
Mary's Gone Crackers: $7.69
My toddler loves these. They are made from rice (so gluten-free) and are great for dipping in hummus or if you want something crunchy. A very "clean" and healthy cracker. (Didn't see them in Memphis)
Organic Quinoa: ($10.99/4lbs)

Tortilla Chips: $4.99/2.5lbs
Most of the corn chips you get from the grocery store are made from GMO corn (genetically modified organisms) unless it is organic. These are great to have on hand (with the salsa below) for entertaining or snack.
Note: a tip on bulk portions of chips or crackers— split up the large bag into smaller half gallon or gallon bags so that they will not go bad. Seal the unused bags tightly and date or number them so you know which one to open next. 
Organic Salsa: 6.99 for 2
This is my favorite salsa. It's not very spicy (so you Texans may not like it).
Organic Raisins:
Obviously a toddler crowd-pleaser. I like making my own trail mix with these as well. Grapes are one of the fruits that are sprayed with a large amount of pesticides, so I love that Costco has these.

Canned Diced Tomatoes: $5.99/8 cans
They also have organic tomato paste and tomato sauce if you like cooking with those.

Organic Free-range Chicken Stock: about $2 per box
Ideally I would make my own (in a perfect world), but this is great to have on hand for cooking pasta, rice, soups, quinoa, or adding to dishes. They're around $3 at grocery store.

Fresh Organic Salad or Spinach: $3.99/1lb
Normally at the grocery its $5.99— so quite a steal. It is a lot of greens, but we eat a lot of salad.

Organic Carrots: 5.99 for 10 lbs
Use these for juicing, snacks or to throw in soup. They last a long time and are really cheap. (forgot to get a pic)

Organic Cane Sugar- $11 for 10 lbs
Sugar is another thing that is usually highly refined, made from sugar beets (that are usually genetically modified) and you want to buy organic. Just go ahead and throw out that white stuff. 
Organic Coffee: $14.99/2.2lbs
Coffee is actually one of those crops that are heavily sprayed with pesticides (I know, sad, right?) This one tastes pretty great, and I'm pretty picky.

Hemp Hearts: $14.89
This superfood is plant-based and a great source of protein and omegas 3 and 6.  I kind of can't believe Costco has it! Put it on your cereal, yogurt, smoothies, etc.
Wild Planet Tuna: $14.99/6 cans
If you like tuna but are worried about the mercury content, this brand is very high quality with minimal mercury. A tad pricey though.
Organic Ground Flax Seed: $7.99
Another product I'm so impressed Costco has! Flax seed is a great source of omega-3s, fiber and protein. I like to put it on oatmeal, in power balls, on yogurt, or wherever you can hide it. Another superfood.
Organic Seasoning:
Another little find that is super yummy for seasoning meats or veggies. Kind of reminds me of Spike Seasoning. It has no MSG or artificial anything.
Vinegar $3.69 and Baking Soda $6.59- 
LOVE these two products. I use them a lot to make natural cleaners, add to homemade detergent, and washing veggies.
Almond Butter:  $6.79 for 26oz
Even though it isn't organic, this is a great brand and great option if you do not want to spend so much on Organic Raw Almond Butter.

Costco also has other great non-organic products:
- Whole RAW nuts (walnut, pecan, almond usually $4-5/lb)
- Local Honey (may only be in Dallas)
- Medjool Dates to make snacks for Jacob like pseudo Lara Bars
- Tilamook cheese: 6.99 for 2 lbs This is a BARGAIN! It is growth-hormone and antibiotic free. This is great to have on hand for snacks and great for shredding.
- Cliff Bars $.79 a piece: Way better than other protein bars.
- Lara Bars: $.88 a piece Great snack on the go. They are made from dates, nuts and fruits only.


  1. Awesome and awesome! I am sold.

  2. are such a wealth of knowledge!!! I am loving your blog updates and am amazed at how much research and time you have put into all of this. So excited for you guys that baby #2 will soon be here....Jacob is so beautiful and we sure love you guys. XOXOXO

  3. Thanks, Kelly! So fun to hear from you- your little crew is just precious! Love you guys too!