Finding New Rhythms

This time of year, everyone is craving a rhythm. The lack of structure and inconsistent schedule of Summer have come to an end— and we're usually all ready for it.

As we are entering into a crazy season with Jeremy's job and adding a new member to the family (any day), we have been talking and praying through what new rhythms we want to set personally and for our family. That word and idea sounds a little poetic, but I love it because it seems way less intimidating than routine, schedule, or goal (even though they all go hand-in hand).

I usually shy away from setting goals or making this grandiose routine because I'm fearful of failure and frustration. I can't handle a rigid, color-coded, every-minute-accounted- for life. 

But there may be something to be said for setting some priorities and having a plan in each new season of life.  

To me, a rhythm is a plan we've prayed through where we ensure what is important to us actually happens. A plan to not just check things off a list each day, but to make it purposeful.
I really don't want to look back at the end of the year and feel like we just were getting by, and my marriage, friendships and walk with Jesus look exactly the same. 

So, here are a few areas we're trying to figure out: 
  • What we will commit to.
  • What family time will look like. 
  • When we will spend time with Jesus and what that will look like.
  • What we will NOT do (things that may be good, but not in this season).
  • What/who we will invest in.  
  • How often we will have family meals.
  • How often we will have date night.

My Friend, Beth, wrote such a helpful blog post last year that I have referred back to for encouragement in this area of ordering my time. She is such a godly woman that truly invites the Lord into all that she does. I have learned a lot from her (from a distance!) and hope that you will be blessed by her words. 

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