What I'm doing (Right/Wrong) Before the Baby Gets Here

I am due in 2 week and its a full moon tonight…

The house is clean. We've decided on names. And I'm ready to meet this little girl or boy. 

Here are a few things that have marked these last few weeks.

Some "wrong" some "right." 


Letting Jacob get away with anything- we are going to have some major make-up parenting in a few weeks. We are just trying to soak up all the last moments with him before the focus will be shared between him and a new sibling. He is weaseling himself out of going to bed at a decent hour, he's taking naps in my bed, and eating just about whatever he wants. Not great parenting going on over here, but at least I'm aware of it. 

Staying up WAY too late: I like to think that its God's way of preparing me for late nights and no sleep. But I CANNOT go to sleep before midnight! I did the exact same thing in Jacob's pregnancy the last month before he was born. I'd stay up til 1 am watching Friday Night Lights (if your a fan, you totally understand why this way completely understandable). This go round, its Suits (great show. you can watch it on Amazon Prime). 

Making my Husband do way too many projects: Yes, I'm living the stereotype of the nesting, crazy pregnant lady. I like to pride myself that I am not the project-wife, that gives my husband a "honey do" list each Saturday. We are big on resting and not on working come weekend time. But lately, I'm surprised my sweet husband has put up with me. He has cleaned out the garage, ALL closets, laundry room, taken huge loads of junk to Goodwill, organized pantry and tuberware cabinet, flipped the mattress, built furniture, cleaned out the freezer, and a lot of other dumb stuff I'm embarrassed to write.

Really? All these things had to be done right now?
Yes, they did. 

Eating out Way too much: 
Obviously, with all my real food rants, this does not make me look very good. But I am just "trying to do the best I can" at this point due to extreme exhaustion and little motivation to go to the grocery store. The 80/20 rule is looking more like 50/50 (and that may be generous). 


Trying to exercise: I get a lot of stares at the gym. I know, I know— I am going 1 mile per hour so that I can play on my iPad. And if we're being really honest, I may be going to the gym only to get a break from Jacob and be in air conditioning. But, he loves the child care, and I'm getting my "work out in" (aka- catching up on some reading).

Drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea: This stuff is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is supposed to be so good for pregnant and nursing moms. Some people say drink it all the way through pregnancy, but I just started drinking it at 36 weeks in hopes that it would do what it claims… tone my uterus and give me a shorter labor. Sign me up. (source

Buying girl clothes… just in case: this could be a "wrong", but has been really fun. I've kept all of the receipts for the pink, don't worry. One of the downsides to not finding out the sex, but totally worth it.

Stocking up and pre-making at TON of food: I love getting meals from sweet friends after coming home from the hospital, but I was trying to think ahead even more this time around. Each meal I've cooked lately, I have double or tripled so that I can freeze and eat later (when I am not going to want to cook.) And in my attempts to decrease breakfast and snack prep, I pre-made smoothies because who wants to make smoothies in the first place, much less after they've had a baby. (blog post to come on that soon)

Family Time and Date Nights:  as I mentioned in this previous post, I was super stressed to have all this quality time with the fam and lots of date nights before the baby came. Each weekend, we have tried to keep really open and just do nothing. Its a lot of pressure to try and have all these perfect moments, but I think we've done a good job trying. I'm pretty sure we have worn out our babysitters trying to get as many date-nights in as we can, but I think it was worth it.

I do not like belly shots... but it seems silly to write a post like this and not have one... so I snuck it at the bottom.

The awkward selfie.


  1. Love this Lauren! So excited to find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl:) Miss you!

  2. Miss you too! Hope to see you soon :)

  3. I love the selfie! And the list you had Jeremy do! That made me laugh as I started to tackle our closets/attic today. Sigh, all for the babe...who will never know ;)
    But hopefully all the prep will make mama calmer 😘

  4. This blog was all too true for many of us, and a funny one at that. I laughed many times, especially at your YMCA confession! Loved it!!! Send me some more labor advice, like that tea. I hate tea, but I will choke some down for a shorter labor :)!