a little worship for the weary

So its inevitable that I am a little weary right now. 
Physically. Emotionally. And definitely spiritually.

Sweet Ruthie is two weeks old, and we are all adjusting to life with a newborn.

As wonderful as she is (but without trying to sound whiny)—the lack of sleep, recovering from birthing a human, and the not-so-cute "baby blues" have done a little number on me— so needless to say, I am in need of a lot of Jesus right now. 

As much as I would love to be up early on my face before the Lord praying and being reminded through His Word of who He is and who I am in Him, that is just not happening a whole lot right now. I am definitely up, but halfway awake feeding Miss Ruthie, then with a blink of an eye, up with a toddler (who is really living up to the Terrible 2's title).

I'm kind of still in survival mode, just trying to keep everyone fed, clean and alive...

I will say that in seasons of life where I feel like I cannot or do not know how to pray or am not  spending time with Jesus...  the only thing I can do is listen to worship music and let it wash over me.

It is what has encouraged me the most lately and especially in those last few weeks before Ruthie came—when I was a ball of anxiety and hormones— and it was all I could do to keep my eyes on Jesus. I would play my "Labor Playlist" on Spotify (thats right, I had a labor playlist...) over and over as soon as I woke up, in the car, and just about anytime I was awake. 

So especially in this season, this is what anchors me to His presence the most. Its no wonder that its all throughout scripture—that we should and are called to sing praises to the Lord. I think God knew what it does for our soul when we take the focus off ourselves and put it onto Him. He knew that it would bless us and strengthen us in such a sweet way— and that's definitely what its done for me lately. 

Here's a few of my favs right now that I hope will bless you:
(for some reason they won't play from iPhone, only a computer) 

Comment below if you have any favorites that you've had on repeat lately ;) 


  1. you are doing such an awesome job mama! i have to say that i'm slightly dreading the newborn phase for this reason. the all-over fatigue is so much. so so proud of you. praying for you and her bloomers are in and i'm sending tomorrow! (just something to look forward to ;) )
    love you,

  2. Lauren. Those first few months are sweet but BRUTAL. No sugar coating it in this house....I was such a crazy sleep-deprived woman for many, many weeks~ I so wish I could come over and bring you food, rock the baby, let Jackson, Jacob and Reagan run wild outside to burn energy and let you SLEEP. We love you so much!!!

  3. Oh Kel, you're just the sweetest! What I would give to have you and your little crew here to hang out and play! Love you guys!