Meet our Ruthie

Last Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 12:50 pm, 
we welcomed our precious Ruthie into the world. 

We were so blessed to not have to make the decision to induce or have any interventions to get her to "hurry up." She was 9 days past her due date, but worth the wait.

We are smitten and still cannot believe we have a baby girl!
Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement— as you know I was having a hard time waiting for this little one to get here. I can honestly say I had such peace those last few days before she came and I know it was because of our sweet community of friends lifting us up in prayer. 

I will give more details on her birth later, but the Lord answered our prayer in that she came very quickly. Very quickly... (an hour after we got to the hospital). I didn't have to endure a long labor and I was able to have her naturally which were all the things I had hoped and prayed for since we found out we were pregnant with her.

Even if things hadn't gone exactly how we had "planned", and even if I had to be induced, or have a C-section, God would still be good. But He was so gracious and kind and we are so thankful and overwhelmed by his faithfulness. 

Jacob is getting used to the idea of "Baby Sister" and I'm pretty sure thinks she is a toy that makes noise... but I feel like we're heading in the right direction if he's putting his beloved firetrucks and tractors in her bouncy seat.
Baby steps. 

Y'all, she's just the sweetest. So dainty and girly. She is just perfect.  

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  1. So excited and thankful for this little life! So proud of you and Jeremy. She is beautiful!