A Few of My New Baby "Must-Haves"

Everyone was right— you're definitely way more laid back with your second child than your first. Even more so, you realize you don't need all the baby gear that seemed so necessary at the time. We've slimmed down this go-round, because at the end of the day, babies don't really need all that much, right?

So, here are a few of my favorite things that have made me a little more sane, but aren't as ridiculous as a baby-wipe warmer, diaper genie, or swing that looks like a spaceship (all very cool—but not necessary.)

The Miracle Blanket
I love swaddling. It is almost a sure thing babies will settle down and fall asleep if they are tightly snuggled up like they were in the womb. I love the Miracle Blanket because I have a baby Houdini that can break out of any swaddle... except this one. And the best part is that you can change their little diaper without unwrapping them completely.
Baby Carrier
While I do love sitting and holding her, I've got to get some things done around here that require both hands. I got the Balboa Babysling half-price (shown) on ebay and its really easy to get on and off. I also love the ERGO and think it is way easier on your back for longer use or when the baby gets heavier (although, its just a little more bulky than a ring sling).

Colic Calm
(click image for amazon link)
 This is a homeopathic remedy for reflux, gas, hiccups or upset tummies. We’ve only had to use it a little bit, but it has worked so well. Little Miss gets hiccups so badly that she will completely upchuck her entire feeding, but when we give her a little touch of this, they completely stop and she's able continue eating. 
Skip Hop Diaper Bag
Its a big decision, picking out the bag you’ll be married to for about a year— and after searching and obsessing over the perfect one, I think I found it. I love all the pocket placement, the size, and the cute french stripe design that doesn’t scream, “I’m a diaper bag.” I know you Petunia Picklbottom folks rave about your diaper bags, but this one is pretty perfect (without the outrageous price tag.) Skip Hop Duo Essential Diaper Bag, French Stripe

Aiden and Anais Blankets
I know this is a favorite for most people. They're light and airy and big enough to do a lot with— covering-up for nursing, swaddling, covering the carseat or stroller. They’re just the greatest.
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Snap N Go
When I see someone lugging around their infant carrier (that feels like 100 lbs when you have to carry it for more than a few minutes), my forearms hurt for them. The Snap N Go folds up and pops out so easily for when we go to church or restaurants and don’t want to lug the fancy, heavier stroller around. I LOVE it. 

Bravado Nursing Bra
(click for Amazon link)
The BEST nursing bra of all time and (though a little pricey) is worth every penny. I almost cried when I put it on because it felt so good (hormones + milk coming in = tears of joy). It is soft and supportive with great lining and no underwire. You should get one even if you aren’t nursing! (I'm serious)
 Coconut Oil 

We use coconut oil for just about everything around here. It has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties; therefore has a host of uses! It clears up diaper rash, cradle cap, mama's cracked or sore nipples and even thrush! (to name a few)
Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed and running through our bloodstream within seconds, therefore we are very careful and selective about what products we use. Even some of the most popular baby care products have been sadly proven very toxic (source). 
Ruthie's been getting a little massage with Coconut Oil  and Lavender Essential Oil at night before bed. She loves it. I've also used it on her bum when it gets a little red and it clears it right up.  Save your money and just use this stuff. 


  1. Great post! So glad you're a few months ahead of me.

  2. Great post! So glad you're a few months ahead of me.

  3. Yea! I will have to remember these favorites next go round for us...not yet though:) Julia

  4. Great tips. So glad you are doing well. I also use coconut oil for everything. I love it!

  5. come on.. anna needs a baby sister or brother soon!!

  6. Lauren - are you able to nurse comfortably in this carrier? I have a mobi that I used before my ergo with Abigail but I'm looking at a sling this time so I can nurse and be able to still take care of Abigail. Unless I can clone myself :)

  7. Honestly, I was never able to master the nursing in a sling/carrier. But I definitely think you could in this one. I liked the balboa because you could tighten it and it didn't have a "set" length. I have a cheap basic ring sling (with just the strip of fabric) that I am getting way more comfortable with (got it on etsy). It definitely takes some practice though! But as far as nursing goes, i'd say something more like a "pouch" would be easier. ? Congrats on sweet Violet!! Your family is precious!