What My Toddler Had for Lunch

 I'm always trying to think of new ideas or ways to get Jacob to eat nourishing, real food.  I’m guilty of getting into ruts and feeding him the same thing or not offering him new things because I think, I’m sure he wouldn’t eat that. So, I was thinking I would start a little series where I shared What My Toddler Had for Lunch to help some mamas out that may be in a rut themselves and need some ideas! My goal is to introduce him to something new each week or so. This week it was Bubbies pickles. Y’all, they are the best things. I could probably eat the whole jar. The ingredients are just cucumbers, water, sugar, vinegar, and onions. Total win. 

I’m embarrassed to say how upset I get when I prepare a wholesome meal for Jacob, only to be left with him either spitting it out or refusing it all-together. I feel so defeated and frustrated, even a little offended. (I know… he’s 2). It would be so easy to just put tummy-fillers in front of him— the things I know he would scarf down, but don't really nourish his body—but I know in the long run, being intentional about what we eat really pays off. Our immune systems are stronger, we have more energy, and just feel better all around.

A few tips that have helped us (and I am no expert—we have lots of bad eating days for sure)
- reintroducing foods he may not have liked before
- not forcing him to eat foods he doesn't care for that day (I made that mistake and it backfired!)
- giving a lot of options on the plate with something new or that you "think" he won't like
- not comparing yourself to other mamas with kids that eat "perfectly" (please don't think Jacob does, we are a work in progress!)
- making food fun to eat, and being creative (i.e. letting him hold the entire cucumber...)
Visit 100daysofrealfood.com to get more visual Pre-school lunch ideas as well. She is a great resource.    

Here are 2 of Jacob's lunches from this week:
Organic apple slices
Organic Valley Raw cheese
Salami slices
Ak-mak Crackers 
Raw cashews and pistachios 

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  1. That boy is a cutie! #1 I have that pillow. #2 is that just a ziploc container? #3 can't wait for this little series :)

  2. I am so excited about this series! I am breathing a sigh of relief because a lot of these are things that Jules will eat. My biggest problem is not fixing her plate all at once...giving her the bits of the meal as I prepare them b/c we are in a rush. Trying to get better about this b/c she will be more adventurous that way.

  3. yes, we do that too. These were his lunches for mothers day out, but I do think he does a little better when his whole plate is ready at once. then he's more likely to try everything. you're doing grew, Mama ;)

  4. Yes, they are ziploc and they're great. They don't leak either if you put yogurt in there!

  5. He's so cute! Love those containers!

  6. Thanks! The containers are ziploc and the stainless one is by "Kids Konserve."