What My Toddler Had for Lunch #2... {a Happy Meal}

I know, I know—this doesn’t really help the whole "natural living” theme I'm going for here, but since  I just started the "What my Toddler had for Lunch" series... I thought it was only right to come out and be honest that we aren't always "perfect" in the way we eat (and I think it's okay). 

In celebration of Thanksgiving, Jacob's teachers at Mother’s Day Out wanted to treat the class to McDonalds...because nothing says Thanksgiving feast like a Happy Meal, right? (cringe).  I went back and forth on whether I should just bring his own lunch that day, (and be the crazy buzz-kill mom). All I could think about was the yucky, hydrogenated oils, processed meat, and sugary juice he would put in his little body... 

Yes, it goes against everything I’m really passionate about, and yes, I know it's garbage… but we decided we wanted him to have fun and enjoy a little garbage on a special occation with his friends. 

Here are my thoughts on it: 

We go by the 80/20 rule. He eats really well for most of his life (80%), so a few McNuggets and french fries ain’t going to hurt him too much (20%). What is probably more damaging is a mama that is so strict and rigid that it causes rebellion and flat-out rejection of a healthy lifestyle. I want my kids to have a healthy view of food—a balance of enjoying and understanding why we eat real, whole, nourishing food, but also having the freedom to splurge and enjoy some junk every once in a while.

On top of that, I would never want to offend his sweet teachers that were so excited to treat the class. I just wish I could have seen him enjoy his first Happy Meal with all his cute, little friends. 

Food is really, really important... but its not everything. 

This is his lunch on the non-Happy Meal day.
 A little more colorful, I might add.

Black beans and Avocado
Plain Whole Milk yogurt 
Pomegranate (the new food I introduced)
Organic Pop Corn with Coconut Oil and Sea Salt (recipe to come)

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  1. So so true.. I struggle with this. I let my guy have a capri sun tonight at church. YUCK but it isn't going to kill him and he got to do what everyone else is doing.