How to Make a Christmas Memory Book

This is a little mini-project to ward off the after Christmas blues...

We started this Christmas Memory Book a few years ago, and it has been one of my favorite things to pull out and set on our coffee table each year. I originally just wanted a place to put all of our Christmas cards, but then I started adding other pictures and other fun memories. I'm kind of a sentimental junkie, and for some reason, Christmas makes me even more sentimental— so the thought of having a fat book of Christmas memories that the kids can go through years from now seems so fun to me.

Yes, I too didn’t really want to put the effort into doing this (especially after the exhaustion of the Holidays), but it doesn’t have to be fancy! You could just buy a journal and glue in the cards and pics, or just hole punch your cards and memories and put them on metal rings (thats what I did). I did buy some cute scrap book paper to make it a little more fun. This year, I'll be printing a few pics from my phone on the new Shutterfly app (it doesn't get much easier than that!). 

Here are a few ideas:

  • New Christmas Traditions (Salt Dough Ornaments or going to Cracker Barrel on Christmas Eve morning) 
  • Gifts given or asked for (I mean, how funny is it to remember the things you wanted? Pound Puppies. Polly Pocket. Easy Bake Oven. This will be fun to look back on!)
  • Ticket stubs to special events (i.e. The Nutcracker, Ice skating)
  • Letters to Santa (we aren’t there yet, but I bet those will be funny)
  • Pictures of Christmas Morning, Christmas program, snow day  
  • Part of an Advent calendar or ornament you did that year (like the Jesse Tree)

Now is the time to do this, (or you won’t do it all). I promise, next year when you open up your Christmas decorations and pull this out, you’ll be so glad you did!

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