How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments {and My Thoughts on Making Memories}

Sometimes, doing the things that make the sweetest memories require a little more work than it seems to be worth sometimes. 
Like messing up  destroying the kitchen to make Christmas cookies from scratch,

or waiting in line for 2 hours to see a live Nativity,

or going to see Christmas lights at the last minute when the kids are crying and really need to get to bed,

or taking twice as long to decorate the tree, because he keeps wanting to play with  break the ornaments.

Granted, a lot of times these kind of memories consist of a few meltdowns, an extreme mess, and possibly some bribing of sorts— but inevitably they’ll be the things we'll look back on and laugh at and think,  I'm so glad we did that! A lot of times, when we're doing something ridiculous, Jeremy and I will look at each other with a smirk and say, We're just making memories

My tendency is to be a little more on the practical side, and I’d usually opt to not dirty up the kitchen, but when I look back on my life, I don’t think I’m going to remember how clean my house was, but I will remember the sweet memories we made destroying it a little bit along the way. 

I’ve really been wanting to make these Salt Dough Ornaments because for one, I’m super sentimental and I LOVE anything homemade, and two they are just a classic, timeless Christmas tradition to do as a family. It doesn’t matter if they "mess them up"— it's almost cuter when they are, because it will forever remind you of this season of life (pretty messy).

Years from now, we’ll hang them on the tree and remember how Jacob cut out and painted them with his tiny little hands (and fought to do everything all my himself!) These little blobs of dough are attached to a memory that will last forever. (a little cheesy, I know.)

So, go ahead and crank up the Christmas music, get a little messy, and make you some ornaments! 
Salt Dough Ornaments
1 Cup of Flour
2/3 Cup of Salt
1/2 Cup of Water
Christmas Cookie Cutters (got mine at Target)
Acrylic Paint (if you don't have paint, they're pretty cute unpainted too!)
Combine ingredients until you reach a “doughy” consistency (adding more water or flour if needed). Roll out, cut out, and put on wax paper on baking sheet and cook on the lowest setting (mine goes to 170) for about 3 hours or until hardened. Flip the ornaments over after 2 hours to cook the other side. Then decorate! 

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