Our Life Right Now {and What I'm Thankful for}

We have been a little all over the map these last few weeks, but now that we are home and getting back into our rhythm, I wanted to share a little update and a few things I'm thankful for:

We had a Merry Thanksgiving: With family all over the country, we’ve begun a tradition of Thanksgiving and Christmas together since its so hard to get everyone together for both holidays. So much fun, love, and craziness packed into 3 days. Kids crying, laughing, jumping on beds, fighting, breaking things, laughing, hugging, singing. Its just the greatest. (and absolutely exhausting!!) So thankful for family.

Jeremy's Dad was healed: We truly witnessed a miracle. Jeremy's dad was in the hospital for 2 weeks after a hemorrhagic stroke. They were setting up hospice and within a few days, he was sitting up drinking coffee. No explanation. No answer. Doctors dumbfounded. We serve a miracle-working God, y’all. So thankful!

We got a van: Jeremy’s car was about to bite the dust, so we decided to take the plunge...and get a van. Yes, I too said I’d never do it, but it may be the greatest decision we've ever made. I know its ginormous and screams, I’m a mom or at least, I’m not hip and cool and in my early 20's anymore— but I’m just embracing it. And the space and ease of getting the kids in and out trumps a cute SUV any day. I promise. 

Lots of "couch time"with this little girl. Sheesh, they grow so fast! I tried to force her into newborn clothes for a week just because I wanted her to stay little. I don't want to look back and wonder, "Did I hold her enough?"—That’s why I don’t apologize for a not-so-clean house or getting all the to-do lists done… 

Family walks: We are walkers (I wish I could say runners). Even before we had kids (and all the cool strollers and gear), we'd go on a walk together almost everyday. Now we have 2 little monkeys that we get to tote along, and even though there may be a few meltdowns and some bribing to stay in the stroller seat, its so fun. (I'm aware that my newborn shouldn't probably ride in a stroller this way, but the carseat adapter was $100, so we improvised. She seems happy to me!)

Having #2: I mean, all of the fun things that you got to do with #1 are SO much more fun with #2 when you have a little "helper."  Jacob is selectively interested in his sister, "Roopy." He’ll go hours without noticing her, but then insists on reading to her or giving her a bath.  Sometimes I get a little misty-eyed watching them, realizing how blessed we are. 

Snowdays: Or ice days, I should say. Sometimes its nice to be forced to just be still and rest. We've been home for going on 3 days now, but there's nothing like sitting by the fire, drinking cocoa by the tree while watching Polar Express in our PJs. I mean, a Hallmark commercial should be filmed over here! (Although, we are getting a little cabin fever. Jeremy and Jacob ventured out... it didn't last long.) 

Getting a new blog logo: Yes, I have dropped “The Crabtree House” (tear). I've been wanting to re-focus my blog for a while now— Kind of get away from it being just a family blog to being a place to share what I'm learning and/or doing to keep our family healthy and what God is teaching me and Lots of home remedies, recipes and stuff that's on my heart to come! 

A sweet friend of a friend designed my logo (hand drew it, y’all… she’s so talented!) If you have any graphic design or original hand-drawn work you want done, she's so great to work with and super reasonable!  Let me know, and I'll pass along her info. 


  1. I love your new blog design~ so perfect! Gooch family xmas pics are SO SWEET~ the cousin pics just always melt me. Can't wait to see you soon and kiss Ruthie!!!

  2. Oh thank you! I CANNOT wait to see y'all!!