What My Toddler Had For Lunch #3 {and un-doing some bad habits}

We kind of let the ball drop in the “clean eating” area the last month or so.

The Holidays, with all the traveling, eating out, and indulging in “not-so-real” food, got us into quite a little rut. I’ve also been super unmotivated to cook (we’ll blame it on sleep deprivation), which I’m embarrassed to say has resulted in the guy at the Chinese take-out place knowing me by name. Though we enjoyed all the indulging—we could tell it was doing quite a number on our bodies. Highly processed, low nutrient food that's full of additives wreaks havoc on our immune systems— so, it's no wonder we all got sick in December.

But come January 1, (as cliche as it is) we decided get back in the saddle and break some of the bad habits we’d made, like:
1. Not planning meals at the beginning of the week, resulting in lots of last minute, poor food choices (i.e. Cliff bars for dinner and again, why the guy at Pho Avenue knows my name.) 
2. Not planning/preparing healthy snacks like cut up veggies, smoothies, and my favorite—coconut oil covered Popcorn with sea salt. (planning is HUGE in this whole clean eating gig.) 
3. Having "tummy fillers” in the house (defined: food that fills the tummy, with no nutritive value) They're so easy to grab on the go and keeps any kid quiet on a road trip, but now they're keeping us from wanting to eat wholesome food. They aren’t the worst thing in the world, we just need a break from them so I can remind my 2 year old that he does, in fact, still like other foods than Cheddar Bunnies and fruit strips. 
Once again, as Moms, (or even not as Moms), we’re all doing the best we can. Some days, we're just doing well to get something in the mouths of our kiddos (or ourselves for that matter)— so my goal is not to be judgely about food choices, but to give some ideas on ways to fill our bodies up with things that make us feel better, build our immune system and help our bodies work and function the best they can. And just so we're clear, Jacob is not exactly a star eater... but we're working on it.

So here’s a lunch I made Jacob on Tuesday

Cheese Quesadilla: Tortillas can have a lot of extra, processed ingredients, so make sure to check the labels. I love these sprouted corn tortillas from Food for Life (they're the ones who make Ezekial bread that I love). I lightly toast/heat the tortilla with some raw cheese (Organic Valley) and let it melt then fold it over and cut. (Why I love Organic Valley Dairy : They are the only brand I’ve found whose cows are grass-fed (instead of gmo-grain fed) so its a great source of good vitamins and minerals. And of course, it doesn’t have synthetic hormones or antibiotics.)

Go Raw Cookies: These little guys are a “treat”— No, they do not remotely taste like a normal cookie, but they are actually pretty tasty. They have 3 ingredients that are squeaky clean, and nutrient-dense— coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, and dates.  Though a little pricey, he only needs a little hand full of these and he's satisfied. Carrot Cake and Lemon are my favs. (You can buy these on Vitacost or Amazon for a little bit cheaper than the store).

Olives:  These are SO yummy and are a great source of anti-oxidants and monounsaturated (good) fat that feeds the brain and keeps him staying full longer. And its a bonus that you can play with them on your fingers, of course! I like the Cerignola olives because they are not too strong. (I bought these off the olive bar at Whole Foods.)

Apples and Clementines: Always a win. If I cannot find decently priced organic produce, I will just wash well with vinegar water, and peel the skin off the fruit to serve.

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  1. I love this! So glad I came across your blog! My son is only 5 months but I am starting to prepare for when he eats sold foods. Keep the ideas coming! Have you ever made baby food?