5 {unrelated} things I'm loving right now

I wanted to pass along a few random things I’m loving right now— all unrelated, which is why this is by far my most random blog post to date. Sorry.

1. Jim Gaffigan Stand up Comedy: I’m sure most of the world has heard and seen him before, but I’m just now discovering this hysterically brilliant man. You can watch it on Netflix, or listen to segments on Youtube. Good, clean humor that will make you almost wet your pants. He’s kind of like Seinfield— talking about everyday things that we all can relate to. Seriously, watch it tonight- he’ll make your face hurt. Jeremy and I are kind of obsessed. (click here to watch a bit)

2. Ekobrew K-cup: I’m not proud of the amount of coffee I’ve consumed lately. And I'm really not proud of spending around 60 cents for a cup of coffee from our Keurig.   But I love just making ONE cup of coffee.  Do you know that if you dumped out coffee in enough K-cups to equal ONE bag of ground coffee it would be a $50 bag of coffee. Whaaaat??? The original refillable K-cup (the gray one) never made a good cup of coffee to me, but I recently bought this new design and it has solved my Keurig predicament

3. The Snot Sucker: this baby is going to have to go on the Baby Must Haves list. It creates the perfect seal around the nostril so you get a good continuous suction and LOTS of snot. Yes, I know it looks completely disgusting and I was hesitant as well, but there is a filter to ensure NO snot gets by to mama's mouth. Just go ahead and throw away those little blue bulb syringes—they don’t even come close to being as effective. (also, have you not wondered how clean they can actually get on the inside?? How do we really know??) We’ve had some snotty noses around here lately, so this thing has been a good friend. (and its a great conversation piece)

4. The Circle Maker: I’ve been hearing about this book for a while now, and for some reason or another I’m usually late to jump on the popular book bandwagon. But after enough people I love raved about it, I felt that it was time to see what all the hype was about. Just a few chapters in, and I’m feeling like this book may be a game-changer. Its not necessarily “how” to pray but about being bold in your prayers and asking God for big things—something I’m guilty of NOT doing. I’m sure it will deserve its own blog post when I finish it.

5. The Greatest Tank Ever: I wear it just about everyday under whatever I’m wearing. Granted, it is maternity (I'm not pregnant), but y’all… pregnant or not its the perfect tank. The shoulders are thick enough to cover your bra straps and long enough to cover your bum. I have bought “longer” tanks in the past, but they are either too tight, or ride up. It makes any outfit a little more modest, slimming and versatile. I’ve worn them for the last 2 years and have them in all colors. Large fits me the best. (Get it in the maternity section at Target, I know its weird, but you'll be obsessed too, I promise).

And in other news… we, the Crabtrees, have a HUGE announcement to make. I’ve been waiting patiently to spill the beans, so… stay tuned. Hopefully, I can share it with ya next week. Its big. Real big. (and no, I’m not pregnant again.)


  1. yup bought another one of those tanks today! JG is awesome. We use the Kuerig version and it seems to work fine, but I haven't had coffee is ages :/ !

  2. Oh my gosh I'm reading The Circle Maker too! Our church just had Batterson preach last week, and we have been doing a series based on his book (aka prayer). Small world!

  3. I am so jealous you got to hear him speak! So cool! I'm loving the book—its kind of kicking my butt (in a good way!) Small world indeed ;)

  4. cute post! we love jim gaffigan also!