February Goals

“Make it simple, but significant."
-Don Draper

I got all this goal making inspiration (and the quote above) by reading Hayley at The Tiny Twig. (Read her stuff and be blessed.) I’m still a recovering goal-a-phobic, but this little doable, simple goal stuff has helped me creep past it. Not all of my goals are spiritual, deep, or super impressive, but they're pushing me to do a little more than just "get through the month" or wake up one JULY morning and realize I still haven't done all the things I thought I wanted to do.
I'm not a natural-born planner, so this is has been good for me. I'd encourage you to do them with your family, husband, roommate, or whomever you do life with. I know it seems kind of cheesy, but I'm learning it may be more valuable than I've given it credit for in the past. 

So here we go: (nothing like setting goals one week in... better late than never)

Work on some Self-Care (aka- get dressed every morning) I was totally inspired (and convicted) after reading Jessi at Naptime Diaries on why Mamas don't take care of themselves. I know that I'm in a season (a LONG one at that…) of mothering and caring for everyone around me. Thats my role. Thats my job. But boy do I feel so much better when I mother myself a little. I swear I get more done when I take a little time to pull myself together, put a little mascara and lipstick on and feel like a human being. And as much as I know my husband loves me inside and out… he probably doesn't mind seeing me in something other than sweats and yesterday's smeared eye-make up (some days, thats just going to have to be okay though). The awkward selfie at the top is in reference to this goal... I got dressed, put lipstick on, and felt like I needed to document it.   Click here to read 5 reasons mama’s don’t take care of themselves 

Start Ruthie’s Baby book and Finish Her Birth Story: She’s 4 months old, and I've barely cracked the book. I was SO on the ball with Jacob, documenting every. single. thing. I’m determined to have more than her name written in the front cover and do the ole pic every month gig. I also need to finish writing her birth story (and get brave enough to put it on the blog). Since it was such an emotionally, spiritually, and obviously physically challenging experience—down to how I knew I wanted to have her naturally, to her being late, to God answering all of my prayers about it—I have had such a brain block about eloquently putting it ALL into words. So I’ve just put it off. I’m just going to do the best I can and take the pressure off. 
Birth announcement by Blue J Design

Analog weekend: This is something that I learned from Hayley and Jessi (can you tell I like them?)—a lot of people have jumpled on the bandwagon for a weekend of rest and internet free living. Now this means different things for different people but for me it will mean not checking ANY social media—Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter (I’m not a huge Twitterer). I don’t spend a TON of time on these outlets, but its more than I’m proud of. So, a little separation from what everyone else is doing, saying, eating… is a nice break for my brain and of course frees me up to truly rest and spend present time with my family.

Do a Valentines Craft:
I am not crafty. I wish I was. I scroll down the Pinterest feed and get a little anxiety when I see the things these rock-star mamas do with their kiddos. I don’t mind getting messy, I just don’t think I have the teacher, patient, organized, creative DNA to want to do this. I’d rather go and run around outside. I’m good at that. SO…  we’re going to do the one all over Pinterest right now. Red paint and toilet paper roll. Easy. (Jacob LOVES this kind of stuff.. so thats my motivation… not Pinterest.) Click Here for Craft.

Image and Idea by inlieuofpreschool.com

Do a 2013 Book: The desire to make a yearly memory book hangs over my head like a Midterm on Monday. Jacob was 2 when I finished his "One Year" book and  I STILL haven’t done a wedding album!!!?? (married over 5 years). One of the things my mom did a GREAT job of was taking pictures of us. She has BOXES upon BOXES of “doubles” printed out, but has always regretted not doing anything with them. My goal is to not take hours upon hours making everything perfectly edited and such— but JUST GET SOME PICS IN A BOOK so that we can see 20 years from now a glimpse of this sweet, crazy, messy season we we're in. (and I’m a sentimental junkie, so this is SUPER important to me.) 

Get up 30 min before babies wake up : I’d LOVE a whole hour but we’ll work up to that... I used to do this (or try to at least) before Ruthie was born. I can see the fruit (or lack thereof) when I do not have a little alone and quiet with the Lord. I know that He is with me throughout the day and in the craziness and loudness… but there’s something about the quietness and stillness of the morning, getting my heart right—asking for HIS spirit to guide and lead me in ordering my day, loving my family, choosing to believe truth when I’m tempted to believe lies… and all that good stuff. (I'm currently going through shereadstruth.com  February series. It's good, y'all.) 


  1. So I totally agree with your whole first paragraph! I too am a recovering goal-a-phobic! Maybe we should start a support group ;) Glad you got these out in what I would call a "fashionanly" late manner :)!!!

  2. thanks girl! We need a support group indeed!

  3. I found your blog through a friend's recommendation and I am loving it! I love that you do shereadstruth, they have such great study plans!

  4. Oh yay! Yes, I love the girls at shereadstruth.com! So so great! Thanks for reading ;)