What's so ESSENTIAL about OILS? {a skeptic's take on it}

Once I started diving head first into a more natural, holistic lifestyle —I couldn’t escape all the talk and hype about essential oils. At first, I was super skeptical about it all, thinking it sounded a little hoaxy—but the more and more I read and heard testimonials— I had to see what all the talk was about.

 I started researching and learning that most of these oils were naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and even anti-cancer (whaat?? Frankincense... that stuff is no joke). So I ordered my starter kit from Young Living, started dabbling in all they could do, and quickly became obsessed.

Now, the majority of our New Medicine Cabinet  is filled with essential oils (which is a huge jump from this former Walgreens Lover). They are by far my go-to when we start coming down with something. I am continually amazed how God really has given us so many tools and resources for health and healing. 

What ARE essential oils? 
Essential oils are the liquid extracted and distilled from plants using their seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc. They are the oldest form of medicine, dating back to 4500 BC, with over 300 references throughout the Bible. They have amazing healing properties and when used properly, are much safer to use than pharmaceuticals, without the scary side-effects or risk of overdose.

Each oil has a TON of uses, here are just a few

I’m still learning, but I wanted to spotlight my 3 favorites right now to prick your interest and warm you up to the idea if you're still wary of all this oil talk:

Thieves Blend:
This is a blend of 5 other essential oils that is a germ fighting, immune boosting, virus stopping power house that was used in the 15th century by "thieves" that would cover themselves in these oils, and rob people that had succombed to the Bubonic Plague, while all along remaining unscathed by the deadly disease. Whaat?? Crazy. 
This is hands down my first go-to when we get start getting sick. (or have been exposed to someone who is). I diffuse it into the air to help kill any funk going around. I put it on everyones feet at night during flu season to boost our immune systems. I gargle it (diluted) to kick a sore throat faster than anything I've ever seen. I make homemade hand sanitizer and household cleaner with it. It is by far the one we use the most, as is known as the "gateway oil", because most people get hooked on essential oils once they try it. (Here's a little more info on it.)  
Ingredients: Clove, lemon, cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata and rosemary.

R.C. Blend: 
You know that hacking cough or tickle in your throat that just won't let you (or your kid) sleep at night?  Within minutes using RC on, this stuff opens the bronchial and sinus passages so that you can breathe and relaxes the the smooth muscle of the lungs. It's even been reported to stop asthma attacks! I put it on Jacob’s chest and feet and diffuse it at night when he’s starting to get a little cough and he sleeps like a baby.  I tried all kinds of cough syrups in the past, and this stuff puts them to shame. (click her for more info ) 
Ingredients: Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, majoram oil, myrtle oil,  pine leaf oil, eucalyptus radiata leaf oil, eucalyptus citriodora leaf oil,  lavender oil, cypress oil, peppermint oil. 

Not only does this one smell AMAZING (my husbands favorite) but it has a million uses. It has brought down a high fever like nothing I’ve ever seen in my two-year-old (allowing me not to have to use Tylenol), it also helps with coughs, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps with indigestion and stomach aches, nausea, headaches, stress and anxiety. Click here for more info and uses.

You can go online and hear a bazillion testimonials on Essential Oils, but here's one from my friend/neighbor that was a skeptic just like me: 
I'm hesitant to try new things, so I waited a long time to try essential oils. But then my kids were sick for almost a month straight and traditional methods just weren't working. My 18-month-old daughter had a persistent nighttime cough that would not go away. One night I rubbed Young Living RC Oil on her feet, chest and back. We both slept soundly that night. I repeated the procedure for one more night and her cough was gone. Since then i have used essential oils to boost immunity, calm stress, treat diaper rash and treat cuts and scrapes. I am a firm believer in the healing properties of essential oils because I have the experience to prove it. -Andrea Willits

(click on this one so you can read it better) 

A Few Non-Medicinal Ways to Use EOs:

  • (Non-Toxic) Household cleansers—most oils are naturally antibacterial
  • Natural skin/body care (homemade deodorant, diaper cream, bath oil, salt scrub, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Insect repellent
  • Perfume 
  • Linen or Room Spray

Why Young Living and Not the Stuff From the Grocery:

You know when you try to go cheap on something and then you wish you’d gotten the real deal? (i.e. toilet paper). This is a good example. Ya want the real deal.

After reading and researching a ton about these oils, I am confident that using therapeutic grade oils is kind of the best way to go. While a lot of oils from the store say that they are 100% pure, they are in fact not—they can contain other chemicals and fillers. So while you are spending less, you are not getting a bottle of true, pure oil, that has been tested  safe to absorb into the skin, diffused into the air to breathe, or ingest (yes, there are some that you can ingest). As far as I can tell, Young Living and doTERRA are the only ones that deem therapeutic grade. I picked Young Living because of its quality, customer service, I like their blends, and their seed to seal guarantee.

You cannot buy Young Living (or any therapeutic grade oils) from the store, which is kind of annoying. You can only buy them through a distributor or on amazon (or get 24% off buying wholesale. See below). While I don’t love multi-level marketing…. (like Mary Kay, Scentsy, etc), Young Living does it this way so that you have more support and a sponsor to walk you through the process.

It is a little pricey, but each 15ml bottle has 250-300 drops and you only need a few drops of oil per dose. And when you consider how much co-pays, over the counter meds  or prescriptions, and missing work can cost—I think they are worth the investment.

Note: I’ve talked a lot about alternatives to traditional, western medicine on my blog and while I LOVE learning and sharing how God has given us so many resources for health and healing, I also think that he has allowed us to use traditional medicine when necessary. Drugs like antibiotics, when needed, are a blessing. But if I can kill off an infection from a plant, I’m going to try that first.


How to Buy:

  • Become a Distributor for 24% off discount (I know, I was skeptical too, but it is the least risky membership I've ever seen. You only need to buy $50/year and are not required to "sell")
1. Click here to begin the enrollment process. 
2. Select Independent Distributor so you can get the wholesale discount
3. Enter my sponsor ID: 1429571 
4. Choose any of the starter kits to activate your membership. Without sounding super sale-personish, I recommend the premium starter kit ($150... I know, its a lot but you get a LOT). Best bang for your buck and you get the diffuser which I LOVE and 11 of the most popular/versatile oils. Although, there are starter kits as low as $40.
Email me if you have any questions at laurencrabtreeblog (at) gmail.com

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