A {Forgiving} Wardrobe from Target

Fashion's never really been my thing. 

There are a million other things I'd rather do than shop. And a million more things I'd rather keep up with than the latest trends. BUT, I DO like to feel good in what I'm wearing, which usually means that it fits well and is somewhat in style.

My goal lately has been to get dressed each morning in pursuit of a little self care.  I just feel better in something other than yoga pants and my husband's sweatshirt—though, there are days when that's just the way it is, right? Lately, it has become a little bit harder to get dressed because I have about 3 things that fit.

I’ve been wearing my black leggings just about everyday, for FAR. TOO. LONG. They have been a dear friend to me and whenever I have to put on “real” pants, I immediately take them back off... Comfy leggings back on.  So after multiple complaints concerns that "nothing fits," my husband sent me out to go shopping. All by myself.

Due to my limited time, I went to Every Woman's Happy PlaceTarget. Where else can you get a new wardrobe, a few groceries, some diapers, a birthday present, and sip on a Starbucks latte in one stop? (and under an hour!)

I was on the search for a few forgiving items that didn't require Spanx (which I don't wear, but probably should) or would be dying to get out of by 10 am. That meant a little looser, a little stretchier, a little bigger... (This is where I disclaimer that I have a 5 month old, but if we're being honest, I think this is how my body's probably going to be for a good long while—and I'm okay with it.)

So I did a little damage and wanted to share.

Note: This is not a fashion blog. This is just my effort to help anyone needing a few forgiving items in their closet, so they don't dread getting dressed each morning.  I always love hearing people's favorite jeans, work-out pants, boots, etc. (My friend Leslie does that on her blog and I love it!)  
Second Note: I DO NOT like taking selfies. They are so awkward (do I look at the camera or myself?) So forgive me for my janky bathroom photography, no full length mirror (Jacob broke it), and lots of hands on my hips. 

Easy Waist Dress: (floral one not online?)

This is stretchy so I'm loving it. Also, kind of hides a "fuller" chest (and fuller belly...) 

I don't love orange, (this pic makes it look coral), but I do love the cut of this dress and how it fits. I figured I would put a cardigan over it with a scarf to dress it down.  I love dresses right now because they aren't pants. Don't love pants. (except of course my tights... which actually are not pants, but us girls like to think they are). 

I loved this one because it is 1. not too short 2. not tight, and 3. has wide shoulders straps. Probably going to wear this one a lot. (dress it down with a cardigan and boots).

Denim Dress (or shirt with tights)

Because if you're going to wear workout clothes, you might as well look cute in them.

Wearing my FAVORITE tank of all times underneath (yes its maternity, but its amazing. And no, I'm not pregnant). I wear it under just about everything because its long enough to cover my bum and the straps are thick. (I talk about it here)

Probably going to wear this Boyfriend Cardigan a lot because it makes all the uber neutral/no color stuff in my closet a little more fun. (and Spring-y)  (Tank is mine, not from Target) 

I've been wearing the heck out of these. And yes, they're actually real pants. 
Come to find out, pants aren't all that bad when they actually fit. 

Xhileration Elbow Sleeve Knit  I LOVE this top so much. I may go back and get it in every color. I did buy an XL because it fits the best. (scarf from old navy a while back)

Not as "forgiving," but still comfortable.  

Happy almost Spring, y'all! Go getcha some clothes you feel good in. Ruthie's busting out of her 6 month clothes, so she's next. 


One more thing. Did you know you can get coupons sent to your phone? 
You just text "OFFERS" to 827438 
and get a text once a month. I always check it right before I check-out and inevitably there's something in my basket that I can apply a coupon for. 


  1. Well aren't you quite the fashionista... and you say this is not a fashion blog. You look beautiful in every outfit, but still not as beautiful as your heart : ) #nothingwouldbe #loveyou

  2. You have inspired me to visit Target!!! You are too cute for words, hot mama~ and those two muchkins of yours are just the cutest little people...love them. Love you all.

  3. Yay! You gotta get the pink dress. Total win. Love you!

  4. Oh stop it ;) You're adorable. And no, you're the fashionista, My friend. YOU have to make sure I stay "kind of" young! Love you