5 {Natural} Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies

The itchy nose and eyes, tickle in your throat, drainage, and non stop-sneezing…

It can only mean one thing. 
Its Springtime.

While I LOVE all the green and new life springing up, I am not loving what its doing to my body. And Tennessee is the WORST places for allergies, y'all. Who knew.  Last week I COULD NOT stop sneezing, itching my nose, and had quite a bit of drainage.  I started doing a few natural remedies and I have felt so much better in the last day or so. Before, I would pop Actifed or some type of Claritin—but I can say that the 5 remedies below have worked way better than any over-the-counter meds, [without feeling groggy (antihistamine) or hyped up (decongestant)]

Nettle Leaf: 
This seems to be the one thing that has worked the best. Nettle (yes, the weed-like, scary, prickly stuff that grows in your yard)- it's a natural anti-histamine and has properties that help with congestion, sinus headaches, and all the lovely symptoms that go along with allergies. I’m taking it twice a day, and felt relief within the day I started taking it. I bought mine at a local health food store, but you can get some on  Amazon here.

Local Honey: 
Not only is it delish, but that amber nectar is like a natural vaccine. By introducing a small amount of allergen into your body, your immune system is activated and over time can build up your natural immunity against it. Ideally, you would eat a teaspoon of local honey everyday a month before allergy season to start your body's natural immunity to kick in. You want raw, unfiltered honey from a LOCAL source to receive all the benefits. (you can usually find it at Farmer's Market). I like to drink it with hot lemon water or slap it on some bread. Click Here to buy (if you can't find any local.)

Bee Pollen:
 It is considered one of natures completely nourishing foods packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, and protein. It also has antibiotic like properties and can help prevent infectious diseases. (source)  It has a host of benefits, but also works like honey does, in that it helps with seasonal allergies. It truly is a a superfood, y’all. (Note: my great-grandfather took this stuff every day and lived to be 100! Was it the bee pollen? who knows. ) I bought our at our local famers market, and just sprinkle a little on yogurt or by itself (about 1/4 teaspoon).  Click to buy 

Nasal Rinse:
My favorite way to do this is with the Nasopure (the better Neti-Pot). While not the most pleasant experience, you really do get used to it, and it is a cheap, easy way to get relief instantly! Combine luke-warm distilled or purified water with a pinch of seasalt and rinse each nostril, then blow nose. Its glorious. It does take a little practice, but its worth it!! Click to buy

Lavender/Peppermint/Lemon Essential Oil:

These 3 oils are naturally anti-inflammatory and have anti-histamine properties. So. Cool. Rub on the back of neck or on bottoms of feet a few times a day or put 3 drops of each in juice or a veggie cap. (shown below) ONLY Therapeutic Grade Oils can be ingested i.e. Young Living, Doterra. 

I know, I know—Essential Oils seem all too good to be true. Maybe even a little hoaky, but y’all… they work. I don’t think its just a coincidence that there are SO many people that have seen unbelievable benefits from them. Okay, off my soap box. Read more about how much I love them and how to buy them Here .

King Bio:
Our pediatrician in Dallas introduced this product to us and I truly can see results within a day or so. Jacob will get a little runny nose that I know is not a cold or virus (during allergy season), and after a few doses of this, its gone.  It is tasteless and safe for the whole family. Be sure and buy the one that coincides with your region because the formula is specific to each regional pollen/allergy. (just bought This One because I moved to Tennessee.)

Other Tips:

  • Stay away from Refined White Flour, Dairy and Orange Juice—it is mucous producing
  • Take a Shower. Sometimes just getting the dust and pollen off your body and face helps give you a little relief. 
  • Get some sun! Vitamin D is a huge help in boosting the immune system to help our bodies naturally fight allergies and sickness. 
  • Boost Vitamin C—(Here's one we take)
  • Eating as "clean" as possible. When we fill our bodies with processed, nutrient-less food, it just depletes and wears down our immune system. (Been guilty of a few too many Chickfila chicken biscuits lately...) 

Anywoo, we're loving everything about Tennessee—even if it is causing our eyes to itch and nose run. Its the most beautiful place I've ever lived, hands down. We came from a postage stamp-sized back yard with a few piddly trees to a canopy of glorious green. Back porch picnics EVERY. DAY.

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I've also compiled a lot of the things I love onto an Amazon Store for a reference at the top of my page. Things from what books I love to what probiotics and vitamins we like.


  1. Great post!!! Love your Amazon store link too! What a great resource. Glad yall are loving TN :)

  2. bee pollen! so good and helpful

  3. Your babies are so cute!! They look close in age like mine are :)
    Tennessee would SO be worth the allergies--my allergies were HORRIBLE for Jan-Feb this year. I wish I had known about the nettle!! I think I will stock up on some to be ready! I didn't realize there was a difference between essential oils...wish I would have gotten on that train, too! Oh well...there's always next year... ;)

  4. Yes, the nettle has worked the best I would say! So fun we have kids around the same age (fun/busy/crazy age, huh?)