We Made It

Boxes are almost all unpacked and our life that was crammed into the biggest Penske truck 700 miles away has filled an adorable home in the hills of Tennessee. It feels surreal. Like we’re just on vacation and we’ll go back to Texas in a week or so, but we aren’t. This is our home, our new community, and our new life.

We are now officially small business owners and proud Tennessee citizens, y’all. I cannot even believe it. We couldn’t be more excited… but it has been quite an eventful ride these last 2 weeks.

In short— we lost the house we were going to move into 10 days before we moved here. By the grace of God (and despite me almost losing my mind) we were able to rent a sweet, affordable home that has a back yard to die for. Praise God. Our last few days in Texas were epic. We packed the moving truck on Thursday, deep cleaned and said goodbye to our house, moved into a hotel room, and spent the next 24 hours with our best friends as Jeremy, Jacob, and I got to be apart of our friends' wedding. Saturday morning, we piled the kids into the car and had a sweet moment in the Best Western parking lot thanking God for 4 years of ministry in Mckinney, Texas. I got a little choked up thinking of all the joys, trials, and life we lived there. All the people we got to love and all the people who loved us so well. And how God was always so faithful. As excited as we were to leave, it felt so surreal getting into our car to drive away for the last time. 13 hours of driving later—we made it, and Jeremy took over the coffee shop a day later. So yes, a tiny bit crazy, exhausting, and slightly insane.

I’m trying really hard to resist the temptation to get completely overwhelmed with all the transition and change. Even in the midst of the newness and excitement, there are elements that are a little scary and completely overwhelming. But in my heart of hearts, I know that this is so good for us, and I cannot wait to see this new season unfold. I have so many prayers and desires for us. I’m trusting that God will provide exactly what we need and guide and direct us as we create a new life here. 

So thats whats going on in our neck of the woods.
Trying to figure out what our new normal will look like.
Trying to get my head on straight, get my bearings, and find our rhythm again.
And in the midst of not knowing where my brush, computer charger, Summer clothes, and Tubberware are…
I am grateful.

{Been a little MIA on the blog lately for obvious reasons. So many things I want to share. Some tips on how to manage seasonal allergies in the works and a few Real Food last minute meals to come.}

Boxes for days. 
The greatest moment of his life. 
The ole last minute cram.
So thankful my Mom could help us with this move. Could NOT have done it without her.

The cutest ring bearer there ever was
A little rest in the midst of the chaos.
View from our front porch. This tree-lover is in heaven. 


  1. This all sounds so wonderful. Praying for you and your family as you transition into this new and exciting season! Plus, I hope you plan to share pictures of your home and backyard! Living in Arizona, I am obsessed with the green-ness of...pretty much every where else. haha :)

  2. love this! He is so good and provides so much for us! this is such an exciting season for you. can't wait to hear about it more :)
    also. Nashville. obsessed.

  3. So so proud of you!! And so happy for you that you have trees!!! You were such a good sport about the lack of trees in McKinney

  4. Thanks girl! And yes... Nashvilles one of my faves ;)

  5. Thanks so much. And yes, he was about as cute as they come! (got the outfit at Target ;)

  6. Thanks, Neel. Hope you guys are doing well :)

  7. The view from your front porch is simply gorgeous! Good luck getting settled in :)