One Month In (and before and after pics)

I feel like I have all the emotions in the world right now, but can’t quite seem to put it all into words. My heart is so full and our heads cannot wrap around how blessed we are. We’ve been here 5 weeks, and somehow I feel like we’ve been here for months. Not in a bad way (well maybe a little, it has been a little insane)— but in a way that I feel like we just belong here.

Here's our little update:

On the coffee shop front: We are getting our bearings and Jeremy is loving being a small business owner. There are so many elements of it I think are going to fit him and our family so well. We just made some fun renovations to the place which has really made it feel like “our own." Come on down to Cookeville and tell me we don't have THE best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. (and it better be, because we got a heck of a lot of new, fancy brewing systems, grinders and a water filtration systems. Who knew there was so much to coffee brewing?) Okay enough about that… I would love to share all the ins and outs of the craziness, but in my efforts to keep kind of private, I’ll just talk about how great our coffee is.  [follow along if you want at @poetscoffee on instagram/twitter/facebook]

We still have some more things we want to do, but our "rebrand" and "remodel" (paint and barn wood up) was a success. Poet's has been around for almost 20 years, so it has been quite the buzz around town. Some haters, but mostly lots of excitement. 
Here's a little before and after. 

On the Blog Front: I’m taking a big step back from blogging for a few reasons. The main one being this season is just very different than the one we were in before. While blogging was my little hobby, I’m thinking it may just not be the time for it right now. I’ve loved sharing over the last year, and hope it helped and encouraged a few folks out there— but for now, I'm focusing on my new hobby— helping out with the family biz. But in my efforts not be completely dramatic and throw my whole blog down the tubes, I’ll probably still do some sporadic posts on what’s going on and possibly a little healthy tip here and there. Who knows. I really do love to write and love the little community of friends I have made along the way—but for now, I'm taking a break.

So that's what's going on in our neck of the woods. Ruthie is 7 months old and has us all wrapped around her finger, and Jacob is so much fun/exhausting/hilarious—he loves “helping Daddy” in just about anything he does and he doesn’t stop talking (kind of like his Mom), so we have a big time. There are days when I feel like it couldn’t get any better than this and I was made for motherhood… and days when I feel like I’m counting down the minutes until bedtime, knowing that I totally blew it as a mom that day. But isn’t that just how life is? It can’t all be a perfect Instagram pic, right? Lots of messiness. Lots of fun. And lots of reminders that we need Jesus going on over here.

Y’all, this is 10 minutes from our house. I CAN NOT believe how beautiful it is here.
I'm a little smitten.

Burgess Falls

We may be here for a while...

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