pickin' tomatoes

This weekend, we spent some time at Jeremy’s sister’s farm picking tomatoes. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite places in the world— the lush grass, trees, open fields, chickens and a huge garden. There is something so therapeutic about walking bare foot in the grass and up and down crumbly soiled rows. Filling our baskets with only the red ones and watching Jacob's tiny hands cram baby tomatoes in his mouth.

It's literally my heaven.

This summer I had a baby garden (you could say) on my back porch. Some tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs. I didn’t really care for it or put a lot of thought into it.

And it didn’t thrive at all (shocker).

I’m not sure what I expected—but after doing this study on Abiding this summer (taken from John 15) it was such a lesson to me about my life and my heart. It sort of kicked my butt. (get it here)

And now I'm kind of obsessed with all things agrarian. 
The attention to detail and intentionality that is required for growing life. 
The pruning of branches and weeds that seem harmless, but are stealing away light and nutrients from the vine—keeping it from thriving. 
And that fruit doesn't just happen.

Case in point:

We all have things that keep us from abiding in the vine (Jesus).
Things that keep us from bearing fruit.
And things that need to be pruned. (I always kind of skimmed over that part).

We keep our eyes and heart a little distracted and get wrapped up in what the world tells us is so important. It may look like we're thriving, but too many branches steal away Light and nutrients that are needed for growth.  We may have things that seem good and seem right that we need to let the Lord cut back and prune so that He can produce more fruit in us. (John 15:2) That's a hard one.

And when I say we, I mean I

I have plenty I need to let the Lord prune in me. And plenty that keeps me from abiding. I'm so much like my pitiful garden. I want all this growth and fruit but don't want to be intentional and put in the work thats required to produce life. (and joy according to verse 11. I really want that).

I just want to plant those babies, ignore them for a while, and wait for delicious, sweet fruit to pop out on its own. 

Anywho, go read John 15 and plant something. Even if its just a little house plant. I really do think there's something so valuable in it. I don't want to over-spiritualize gardening/plants, but gosh, how can you not?


  1. Terri McWilliamsJuly 31, 2014 at 2:41 PM

    I love this!!!! For many years I have prayed that our home would be filled with the presence of the Lord and that visitors would feel that it is a place of rest and refuge. It blesses my heart that our home ministers to you. Love you!!!

  2. You're so cute. Love this post. <3

  3. Man! Who's garden is that?!? It's GORGEOUS!