Slowing Down + Phone Down

A few ramblings for your Tuesday...

Up until this year, our Summers were cram packed with Young Life— usually only allowing us to be home about 3 weeks or so. (last year we were gone 7 weeks total during the summer!) As much as we loved it, come end of August we were just worn out. Then came the busyness of Fall and so on… So needless to say, I have been anxious to just rest and soak in time with family this Summer— playing with the hose in the back yard, sitting and watching the rain, getting eaten by mosquitos, driving to the local dairy queen for ice-cream before bedtime, and the list goes on.

waiting for the rain
working on gentle hands (with no avail)

Back yard camping

I started Jessi's Abide Journal last month and it's been so good for my weary soul after these crazy last few months (I mean crazy). Feel free to jump on the bandwagon and I promise you will be blessed. A bunch of my friends are doing it around the country, so thats been really fun. Its not so much of a bible study as a “field guide” for being intentional about remaining in Jesus.

I feel like God is taking me into a season of really learning what all that means, and it not just being a cute little phrase (abiding in The Lord, that is). So for me, it has required me to slow down a bit. Be intentional with my time alone, my time with family and friends, and learning how to JUST BE—not just fill the space. 

It doesn't come naturally to me

So I have to be careful to put the things aside that keep me from that.

Which for me means NOT PICKING UP MY PHONE or LAPTOP. 

So in the spirit of slowing down, being intentional, resting, and abiding this Summer.... I've (periodically) taken social media off my phone.  I'm such an all-or-none person, so for me, this was how I wasn't tempted to do the habitual "scroll".

I've really been trying to just sit in the stillness of empty, slower moments. Talk to my kids when I want to check Instagram. Open my bible when I want to space out on the internet. Cry out to God in a weak moment instead of distracting myself with Pinterest Projects. Or turn the TV off and close the laptops after the kids go down at night and look my husband in the face. Though we may not have the energy for an in-depth conversation, we at least just sit and enjoy each other. (note: sometimes shortly followed by a quick episode of Suits, but at least we’re moving towards intention). 

Anyway, I will say—it has been REALLY good for me. Hard. Challenging. But good. 
[Note: this is not a slam against social media or The World Wide Web. Sometimes, a little brain nap and distraction isn't a bad thing. It clearly has its place. I'm just finding the balance and continually needing to keep it in check. Some people don't struggle with social media. My good friend has to keep in check how much she reads the news online (she's really smart.) Another friend reads health blogs all the time. Everyone has their thing.]

And in other news:

We got a family pic:

At least one kid is smiling...

On the Whole Living front: My little Ruthie is cutting some teeth and has made for some pretty bad diapers which resulted in a pretty bad diaper rash. Broke. My. Heart. BUT, I put some cod liver oil on it over night (I know, kind of weird) but that rash cleared up over night! It has HIGH content of vitamin A and D that speeds up the healing process quickly! I read about it in this book that I love love. I also put some Calendula ointment on it during the day so she didn’t smell like fish. (insert big-eyed emoji).

oh my heart...
Another fun thing— Made these little Coconut Buttons for her and she loves them (so does Jacob). My friend told me about them, and though they are not the easiest things to make in the world, I know they are super nourishing, a good source of fat and vitamins, and easy for her to eat. Win. (I doubled the recipe so I wouldn’t have to make them often). [Used this Coconut Butter (but you can find it at the grocery store)].

Aaaand one last thing— I’m absolutely obsessed with Judah and the Lion’s new album. Harps and Arrows. And who knew… HE’S FROM COOKEVILLE?! Had no idea. We’ve loved his other music for a while, but had no idea he was from around the corner. Check out his new worship album HERE. 

Just some confessions and ramblings for ya. I clearly haven't written in a while, hence the all over the place-ness. 


  1. I started the abide journal too and I am loving it! I didn't even know how much I needed it!

  2. Same with me! I'm glad you're enjoying it too ;)